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Desc:'This video is an excellent expose' of anti-white racists and should be spread far and wide.'
Tags:racism, white people, what Republicans believe
Submitted:Carl Woodward
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Comment count is 13
How could you possibly fuck up this many facts at once?
William Topaz McGonagall
At least the animation is top notch.

Yes, it really captures the way the natives walked around like they had sticks up their asses

Oscar Wildcat
I for one am totally convinced that a bunch of poor brown people hopping our southern border is exactly equivalent to smallpox and firearms and Custer and the Trail of Tears. Totally.

To be completely accurate to what happened to the Native American populations from the time of Coronado's arrival, a group would have to arrive that was immune from the diseases they brought to the U.S., and then said diseases would have to wipe out up to 90% of the U.S. population in many areas.

This sounded a lot more like the sort of bullshit the racists in Europe tend to spout about Illegal Immigrants than the American racist's version. At least, the shit I've heard, anyway.

pyslexic dharmacist
Mommy, look! I made a satire!
Yes dear, it's very good, very biting, now please, go play outside for a while. Mommy needs her medicine.

anti-dupe is a codeword for anti-white!
Kid Fenris
The only accurate part of this is 11:45 to 11:50.
"Indian Defence Leage"
I like how the dialog is taken right from Disney's Pocahontas and the chief is just a tracing of Chief Powhatan, also from Disney's Pocahontas.

It's a good indicator of the author's knowledge of North American history.
Listen to your heart, you will understand.

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