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Desc:Autists and certain masturbators alike will find a lot to enjoy in this fresh new game!
Category:Video Games
Tags:Mud, autism, trucks, SFW fetish, the game is probably fun anyway
Submitted:Killer Joe
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Comment count is 16
I saw a motocross game that was way cooler and had the same kind of "tires make actual 3d wheel ruts in different kinds of ground"

Mud, sand, grass, etc... each one was affected differently, and it looked great. This kinda looks like some weak displacement mesh-altering effect on each tire that never goes away. Meaning if you do it in the same spot it will create ugly, jagged geometry from the terrain. Like this video.
So some people get off on monster trucks being stuck in the mud? Ohhh-kay.
Mother Lumper
Trucks, bikes, something about the wheels spinning in place and making a mess that select individuals have a real taste for. Probably has something in common with the various quicksand fetishes out there.

I've never heard of mud-stuck-truck fetishists, but it would make sense. There are truck fetishists, acceleration fetishists, and lots and lots of mud/quicksand fetishists, so someone's bound to have put all three together.

Here's something (NSFWish?):


It's not exactly right, since the focus seems to be on girls rather than on the trucks themselves, but it's close.

And something from DA, which I assume is related to this fetish (SFW):


http://www.deviantart.com/art/Dru-Zod-commission-Stuck-3247260 45
http://levvvar.deviantart.com/art/Stuck-in-car-which-got-stuck -too-1-435300800
http://shabazik.deviantart.com/art/Trapped-Kasparov-vehicle-29 4302921
http://hummerh3.deviantart.com/art/CONTEST-Stuck-In-The-Mud-37 9572573
http://levvvar.deviantart.com/art/Commision-Foxy-car-lady-4690 35296

The last one is probably my favorite.

infinite zest
It lends itself to a fetish pretty easily actually: I think that's a pretty standard plot in pornos: girl's car is stuck, needs a tool, man has a tool somewhere in his pants..

Rescuing girls stranded in broken-down cars makes perfect sense; it'd be like a softcore variant of the DiD fetish, where a guy can project himself into the scenario as a knight-in-shining-armor, come to rescue the Faire Boxxy from her peril. But I'm interpreting this more as a fetish for CARS stuck in the mud, and it is starting to look like that's a real thing.

Oscar Wildcat

infinite zest
There's this little part in the first Jurassic Park where the boy is stuck underneath a jeep, which is also stuck and goes "I'M STUCK!!!" Something about the delivery cracks me up every time. Sadly, I can't find the clip, much less the movie, on youtube.

EH you're being retarded in every subject possible.

Is this your fetish, SolRo? If so, what do enjoy most about it?

This is a regular sim game.

it's like calling WoW a game made for fetishists because some people like dressing up in the bedroom.

Just a stupid and retarded idea.

The Mothership
Yea I don't buy the fetish angle either. Game could be cool though, if you're in to muddin'. Sell it to Oregonians.

Aw, this is just a lame modded in monster truck. The 'actual' game you drive early 1960's soviet surplus vehicles full of birch logs. I have found a lot of fun in the game by playing multiplayer with friends, drinking plenty of vodka, and listening to gopnik music. If you can live with the fact that you might be a horrible sperglord for being interested in driving trucks through mud, this game is actually really fun!
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