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Desc:It looks like it's going INTO THE WALL
Category:Educational, Science & Technology
Tags:mirror, LED, lighting, Poetv watches people make stuff, upcycling
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Comment count is 12
There is no better use for LED's. None are possible.
This is way cool. Unlike many optical illusions, this one doesn't exploit a glitch in our brain software; this one is all about our brains making a reasonable, but incorrect, interpretation of information. The reflected lights are behaving exactly like they would if they were distinct light sources in a tunnel, so the brain concludes there's a tunnel. I imagine that visually-oriented machines would come to the same conclusion.
I remember as a kid these things were still really popular in stores in the early 80s. They were usually in with the black-light posters and waterfall signs.
Oscar Wildcat
Spencers. Did coke mirrors need running lights? In the 80's, they did!

There was a period of time in college when the drummer in my band and I would go to Spencers two or three times a month just to laugh at it.

First time I saw one of these was in the late 90s, somewhere in the southwest, at a restaurant shaped like a UFO.
infinite zest
I want to try this with one of my old pinball machines.
I want to have a tiled floor made of these.

put one actual lighted hole in the floor

Robin Kestrel
He should have painted flat black over the exposed three LEDs on the back.
so cool

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