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Category:Humor, Horror
Tags:germany, wtf germany, no spoilers in tags, knaller frauen, german humor
Submitted:Sudan no1
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Sudan no1
the gif is better: http://i.imgur.com/9JGGkte.gif

I was hoping the source would be something surreal and dark like Sprockets.
I wish I could find the show I watched when I lived in Prague. It was just farting noises and rabbits fucking each other in slow motion spliced with Germans singing American rock and R&B classics.
They did this to the Jews in Auschwitz.
Caminante Nocturno
Israel has the right to defend itself against slapstick!

Die Schutzbrille, die tut nichts!
Truly, the Germans have no sense of humour.
infinite zest
They do the joking in their working places and their homes

infinite zest
This sort of happened to my younger brother at my grandpa's house: he had a garden with jalapenos and you can guess the rest. He was about 2 years old and it was fairly tragic that grandpa destroyed the garden. In germany, it gets a laugh track
The Mothership
Dudes this was funny.

Full disclosure: my aunt married a German and I have German cousins and uncle.

Fuller disclosure: I showed them this and they laughed.

Fullest disclosure: I also was amused by this, but mostly at the fact that the mother decided to drive somewhere and was gunning the car out of gear.
It's probably because Germans usually only laugh when they are told to laugh.

"Yes, you know, I believe laughter would be quite appropriate right now."

infinite zest
Iron Sky was one of the funniest movies I've ever seen and that's German.

Here i was thinking these people live in the lando of chocolate.
Caminante Nocturno
I had no idea there was so much anti-German bigotry on POETV.
Jet Bin Fever
We have plenty of bigotry for every race, nationality, and creed here.

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