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Desc:Driver reportedly panicked, resulting in a hit and run
Category:News & Politics
Tags:Zombies, hit and run, zombie walk, Comic-Con
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raw footage:
Jet Bin Fever
you should just re-up it with that video. This one is gone.

Man, crazy. I acknowledge that mobbing a persons car is wrong, but running them over for it is much worse. Pretty sad all around.

blue vein steel
from what i read at other sources, this wasn't part of an official, police escorted earlier walk, and the people out there were supposed to be obeying traffic laws. Apparently a person jumped on the hood of the car and people began rushing the car when the driver started honking. The guy is deaf (with 2 small children, also deaf), so i can't imagine what that scene may have been like without the context of sound. Really bad and stupid situation, thankfully no one was killed.

Void 71
Finally, a zombie-related trend I can get behind.
No shit. Every zombie walk should end with vehicular homicide.

They're already dead, what's the problem?
Prickly Pete
I heard he had kids in the car that were freaked out at the swarm. If so, the zombies had it coming. What the fuck did they expect? Since when is it ok to terrorize random children? Fuck off, zombies. I'm glad you got hit.
Oh no! Scared kids??? That never happens! MOW OVER EVERYTHING SCARY

"My kid was scared, I had to throw a grenade into a crowded theater. Case dismissed right?"

since when is it ok to terrorize children? Halloween, parties, comic-con gatherings, etc. better question - since when is it OK to run over people? there's really no excuse, he could have backed up if he was scared of zombies, instead of possibly crushing and killing people

Prickly Pete
I don't think you'd be ok with it if they weren't wearing zombie makeup. What if you were just driving through your neighborhood and a gang of people started swarming your car and looking in the windows and shit? Are you just gonna sit there and be like "Gee I sure hope nobody tries to carjack me right now!" and wait?

"I don't think you'd be okay with this if it weren't a totally different situation"

I'd certainly be annoyed that I got stuck behind all of this nonsense but oh well, shit happens. Not my day, I guess. But if I were in a large city that was hosting an enormous convention and I saw a number of obvious convention-goers crossing the street, I would not just assume I was about to get carjacked. Because I'm not a paranoid lunatic.

Prickly Pete
What the fuck is being a paranoid lunatic about being spooked by a mob of people swarming your car? I don't give a fuck if you're at a convention or not. What if the zombies walked past a residential street and started looking in the windows of your house and terrified your kids? You wouldn't go out there with a bat?

You see people dressed as zombies, and your first thought is, "These are real zombies".

Guy was inching up and honking, the zombies were on a designated crosswalk.

Car Vs Pedestrian = I don't care who is at "fault", running over a crowd of people makes you a fucking asshole, much more so that people hitting your windshield or car. They were "mobbing" his car because he was inching closer and closer and honking. No fucking shit people turned around reacted, if he didn't want his car "mobbed" maybe he shouldn't have inched closer to a "Mob" while honking his horn like an impatient, entitled, asshole. Being deaf doesn't excuse it. Having kids in the car doesn't excuse it. He deserves to be arrested and charged immediately, why is this even a discussion?
If this was a Tea Party rally you'd be saying that the driver and his family were deaf victims of a shitty circumstance brought about by the entitled assholes trying to get inside of his car.


If this was an [insert any group] rally, I'd be saying the same thing. Car Vs Human is serious fucking business.

infinite zest
yeah sorry I gotta take the cosplay zombies' side: For example, the woman in the "Russian guy on whatever-the-fuck-he's-on jumping on the hood" video eventually sped up, knocking the guy off her car. I can't understand a word of russian or the context so when I watch it I might as well be deaf.

2 minutes is about what it took for her to speed up because she knew it wasn't an act or a prank, whatever it was. Here, you're in a car, surrounded by pink rickshaws.. in Portland that's called a monday and whether or not you're deaf I don't care fuck you.

infinite zest
For a little bit of context I locked myself up in my place of work when this happened, but I didn't take the video. This shit got a little crazy.


What the video doesn't convey is that State Street was a "pedestrian" Mall which meant it was a thoroughfare for Taxi cabs around that time on a normal night. Thousands and thousands of people dressed up like zombies, draculas I don't give a fuck, and not one person got run over despite throwing bottles and rocks and jumping on cabs.


Deaf people are assholes

infinite zest
come again?

*slow clap*

Reverse? Looks like a pretty good alternative to murderin' folks.
infinite zest
maybe deaf people think in reverse

Looks like Maxwell street days. You'll be waiting a minute!

Maybe he thought they were homeless people?
don't get these people defending the driver here, as if having kids or being deaf in some way justifies or excuses recklessly mauling many people at once... so that you can get to some place you want to go... any decent human being would BACK UP and away to avoid a threatening or scary situation... driving through them, makes no sense... the driver may be excused if he was under some extreme state of panic panic or whatever, but what he did was nevertheless quite wrong and stupid...
John Holmes Motherfucker
I don't drive, but I think that BACKING UP through a crowd would make it harder to avoid hitting some of them.

http://www.deadline.com/2014/07/comic-con-hit-and-run-zombie-m arch/

According to this article, the actual zombie walk was several blocks ahead at the time of the incident. The zombie walk had not sought a permit because the participants had been instructed by organizers to obey all traffic rules, which these assholes who were NOT part of the Zombie Walk clearly weren't doing if they were blocking traffic continuously for any length of time.

But it wasn't these people who got hurt, nor was it the people who became aggressive toward the people in the car. It was a 62 year old woman who was just passing through, so though I don't think the driver is primarily at fault, the whole "fuck em" discussion is completely offensive and wrong-headed.

It was an accident. The driver never had an agenda to knock anyone down, only to get his scared kids out of there. That doesn't mean he isn't at fault. Fortunately, the internet isn't going to determine who is at fault, because the internet is clearly talking out of its collective ass.

does the internet ever talk out of its mouth anyhow?

Just to be clear: You're saying the driver was not at fault for running over a crowd in broad daylight at a crosswalk?

My retort is, the crowd would not have been at fault for stopping his car at the next intersection after he drove through them and whipping him mercilessly in front of his children.

John Holmes Motherfucker
>>Just to be clear: You're saying the driver was not at fault for running over a crowd in broad daylight at a crosswalk?

That's not exactly what I said. I don't think he's entirely blameless, and I don't consider my own opinion to be in any way definitive. What I think is not really important here.

Your retort is nonsense, assuming that the driver's intent was to remove his family from a perceived threat, and that he didn't run anyone down out of anger or sport. There are witnesses who claim that people were trying to get into the car, and others were trying to flip it. The driver may have made bad choices to get into that situation, but once he was in it, he did exactly what I would have done.

I get what you're saying, but it is clear you don't drive. You can't panic and accelerate at people, that is just wrong. He could have reversed, there was no one behind him. Inching up towards the crowd is what made them aggressive, clearly he didn't have the intention to run anyone over that day but he still accelerated through a crowd. People could have died, does anyone really think these comic-con cosplay people were going to murder the guy on a sunny afternoon at a crosswalk?

Deaf people shouldn't be allowed to drive. Much less with kids in the car.
John Holmes Motherfucker
Incidentally, the driver immediately found a policeman, so the title on this video ("Hit and Run Accident") is bullshit.
He hit people and drove away, what about that makes it not a hit & run?

zero, a stadium full of lawyers will give you the worlds biggest bukkake shower for asking.

They better call McDermott Law Group.
John Holmes Motherfucker
Oh, and that goes for you too Azmo. According to all accounts, the driver immediately reported to accident to the first cop he saw..., so this is NOT a hit and run.
infinite zest
It's more of a panic-and-drive then.

John Holmes Motherfucker
"Hit and run" means you flee the scene and don't contact authorities. That's what it means. It's an actual crime.

California Vehicle Code 20001

John Holmes Motherfucker
No. When you run straight for a cop, that's not fleeing the scene. He's never going to get charged with that.

i could change it to 'attempted vehicular manslaughter' for accuracy's sake i suppose
i have been stuck at intersections for extended periods of time in the past, having lived in a college town for a few years, and it sucks, but i never thought that slowly edging into the crowd while honking would be a good plan

John Holmes Motherfucker
I don't think it was a good plan either, but I strongly doubt that attempted vehicular manslaughter is a thing. Usually, the difference between murder and manslaughter is intent, so you can attempt murder, but I don't believe that you can attempt manslaughter, since you have to intend something in order to attempt it.

John Holmes Motherfucker
I did some googling, here's something written by an attorney in another state.

A person cannot be convicted of attempted vehicular homicide in PA (and thus, there would not likely be a charge since it would be thrown out). The law in question states:

75 Pa.C.S.A. 3732

(a) Offense.--Any person who *recklessly or with gross negligence* causes the death of another person while engaged in the violation of any law of this Commonwealth or municipal ordinance applying to the operation or use of a vehicle or to the regulation of traffic except section 3802 (relating to driving under influence of alcohol or controlled substance) is guilty of homicide by vehicle, a felony of the third degree, when the violation is the cause of death.

Notice the words that I emphasized. They are important because they denote the required mental state. In order to be guilty of the crime, the defendant would have needed to recklessly or negligently cause a death. However, in order to be guilty of attempt, a defendant must act with specific intent to complete the crime (e.g., to kill somebody). If the defendant acted with specific purpose, then his conduct is neither reckless nor negligent, and he may be charged with a more serious crime, such as attempted murder.

"The driver was stopped by police a few blocks away. He spoke to an officer using sign language because he is deaf.

10News contacted certified sign language interpreter Amanda Briggs to tell us what he said. Briggs could only see part of the conversation. The man said he was in a hurry to get home, and felt bad about the woman who was injured.

"I feel awful about it, but really people wouldn't get out of the way. Everyone kept coming in front of my car. I didn't know what to do," Briggs said."

John Holmes Motherfucker
Jesus, did you READ that article? They got some guy explaining how he heroically jumped up on the hood of the car to save the crowd, and their expert opinion comes from a personal injury lawyer will billboards all over San Diego.

Also, there are material contradictions with other accounts, most importantly about whether the driver contacted police. Of course, that doesn't mean this account it wrong.

I think it's all bullshit, and my only opinion is that I only hope that the police are better informed than we are.

Oh ok, he was in a hurry to get home. No problem then, drive over people at your leisure good sir.

Anyone who drives in downtown San Diego during Comic Con on a Saturday and then becomes impatient at having to wait is a stupid asshole. There are signs around for miles warning drivers, so it's not like it's a surprise. Fuck this guy.

That being said, also fuck the dumbass who jumped on the hood. Not a zombie or even a Comic Con attendee, just a dumbshit.
This just looks like another case of impatient driver doesn't want to wait for pedestrians...drives through.

Spooked animal charged through the herd today, almost lost a head.

What spooked it?

I dunno', snake or somethin'. Had the whole ranch riled up all day though.
In case of zombie apocalypse, team up with deaf people. Noted.
Coming this summer: Silent Rage.

Sorry I'm late for the neighborhood outrage game. Which team did I get picked for?
That guy
This team:

I'm on team "Don't Mow Over Pedestrians." As a DMOP I believe cars aren't subtle means of nudging people out of the way.

Also, teach your kids that zombies aren't real & stupid people flock together. Avoid the latter, you'll be much happier.

I'm on the "Deaf Panic Kids in Car, Accelerate Directly at Danger" squad. I'm also thinking of joining the "Zombies Might Be Real" collective.

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