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Desc:I hope you guys enjoy it, because I could only watch about 45 seconds.
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Pets & Animals
Tags:uncomfortable, these tags suck, spiderweb, okcupid
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Comment count is 21
5 forthe most cringe inducing thing possible.
Devil1 day ago

wtf is this shit. what a fucking faggot

john1 day ago

+/ r / cringe Middle schoolers and reddit really shouldn't mix...

Abby S
+/ r / cringe Stop trying to be edgy faggot.

Elvoalven1 day ago

A homophobic slur and telling someone to kill themselves. Nice one, Internet.

Mr. Wiggles22 hours ago

Guys guys guys guys guys.
He should cut off his own dick!

ColonelBumButt22 hours ago

+Elvoalven Fuck off and die homo faggot

Kanza17 hours ago

You seem like a cunt.
And now this will be on the internet forever for everyone in his future to find.
The Mothership
Is this Inception?

It's not, it's just reality.

Oh, honey...
What is with that white tuft of dryer lint on the right side of his chin? What the fuck, man.
Old People
Dude looks like he just blew a laundromat. Sounds like the type, too.

At about 1:40 he strokes his "beard." That is attached.

infinite zest
These 5 are for that repulsive white chinwship.
I hope Red Panda didn't have anything planned for tomorrow besides getting murdered.
made it a whole minute in
So does anyone know the story behind how this was 1.) made for someone and then placed on a public YouTube channel? and 2.)somehow was circulated enough to get nearly 90,000 views?
infinite zest
http://www.theguardian.com/science/the-lay-scientist/2014/jul/30/d oes-okcupid-need-our-consent

That's probably why. Personally I think this kid put out an effort that's more admirable than the 50 percent of dick pics and 50 percent of what seems like cover letters that girls receive. I wish him all the best.

Another cool nice guy passed up by a vapid whore. Hey ladies ever wonder why most guys out there are jerks well its because you keep reproducing with them
He's a pretty cool guy.
Macho Nacho
Stop trying to be quirky. You're not quirky just awkward.
"Quirky" is just the Christian version of "edgy".

This guy is somewhere between "quirky" and "a hoot".

Rodents of Unusual Size
"frell" is not a Firefly reference. It's a Farscape reference. This guy is sad even by nerd standards.
infinite zest
*high five* but still. He's trying. I've got one, and normally I turn out sleeping over at peoples' houses who had a bad okcupid date and we talk about how much the date sucks. The nervousness, "oh you like this that's my favorite thing too." Honestly my guess is her "favorite 6 things" were firefly, adventure time.. not sure what else. In fact he kind of wins points in my book for getting it backwards and remembering my favorite show!!! I wouldn't fuck him with any of your dicks but he's a sweet dude.

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