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Desc:“Most kids aren’t scared of a gun … that’s another good point this book tries to make.'
Category:Educational, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:crazy, guns, Child abuse
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Comment count is 14
It's like carrying bug spray on the camping trip, only you're not supposed to spray your family with it.
Deep Dread Off

Oscar Wildcat
Dad picked me up for school today, and we're still in lockdown. They say I can see dad in a few months after he's been treated and the doctors give their OK.
The Onion hit their man on the street interviews on this out of the park. "Now I have something to switch up with the Second Amendment when I tuck Jimmy into bed at night!"
I keep reading that My Pants Open Carry.
infinite zest
For some reason I was thinking "open container" when I read the title.

LOL From Ghost Writer Extraordinaire. How would you like to be the poor hired gun (pun intended) who had to turn the Unabomber's ramblings into a children's book?

Also, it's always a good sign when an artist draws the kid at the same age and size as her parents.
Binro the Heretic
And what the fuck is up with dad's right hand?

To be fair, I guess you *have* to open carry if your hand is a gun.

Make sure to visit that website too, for extra bonus Evil.
Fur is Murder
it was an interesting choice to get an artist who can't draw guns for their gun book.
Binro the Heretic
I wonder how long it will be before some nutjob with a sniper rifle climbs up someplace high and starts popping the heads off open-carriers.
Not soon enough?

Someone should write a book about the meth addict I sometimes see shouting nonsense "practising" his first amendment rights.
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