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Desc:At one time all of them were daddy's little girl
Tags:meth, white trash, white people, juggalos, gathering of the juggalos 2014
Submitted:Scrotum H. Vainglorious
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Comment count is 22
those are some nice looking kids. as a pageant, however, this totally fails. Not once did I pop a boner. This is more like "who's a girl at the GOTJ contest"
infinite zest
I guess I have a thing for girls and hula hoops so 28:00 or so for me!

The hula hooping was alright! The contestants were actually not too bad; just skimming through, I'm not sure which one I'd vote for. The first lette is nice, I'm a sucker for bellydancers and magenta hair, but the black chick with the bazooka at 15:00 is downright brilliant! Total marriage material! I though 17:00 was a dude at first, but - without giving away too many spoilers - she CRUSHES the bikini portion. 20:00 is ridiculously cute, she might well be my favorite, even though she didn't stand out as much during the bikini portion. (fun fact: her hairstyle is quite similar to that of my pony OC, Faygo Dream!) The college juggalette at 24:00 has an absolutely amazing body and seems both smart and classy (too classy for a juggalette pageant? Is that condescending of me?), but she also strikes me as being a bit out of her element. She doesn't "own" the stage like some of the other contestants do. And bonus stars for that morbidly obese chick. That took guts.

Of course, the hottest lette on stage was TripleSix (the judge, she's difficult to miss), but you know, that kinda goes without saying. I'm glad that she can still find work in the post-MySpace economy.

infinite zest
Also the girl jumping rope with her ass at 43:30 or so, even if she messed up once or twice. When I think back to summer festivals I've been at, it was hot and I was drinking and at best I could stand up. She's jumping rope with her butt.


infinite zest
..oh.. anyway I made a mistake once choosing style over substance and it'll always haunt me that I let a great hula hoop girl get away just because she liked Phish. It didn't even get to the point where we'd go to a show, but her collection of Phish Live CDs was enough to drive me out the window and down the fire escape after she fell asleep, because I was afraid of having to pretend to like something I didn't, or worse, spend a fuckton of money on something I didn't want to go to like Burning Man down the line, even though I really liked her as a person. I've learned to feel the same about ICP I guess.

Phish is a matter of style AND substance. You made the right call.

infinite zest
"I'm very disturbed by something I'm seeing backstage right now but I'm not here to talk about that.."
a few girls were praying together

'At one time all of them were daddy's little girl'

I doubt half of them know who their fathers are.

Neither they know who the fathers of their kids are, thus, a proud tradition continues!

Old People
I'm glad I don't come from a fuckin strong-ass clown town.
A lot of these women are kind of trashy.
This is an interesting mashup of Mad Max and the 5th Element.
infinite zest
Yeah it's very Jamie Hewlett, which is kind of how I dress. When I was living very close to the old grounds I sort of assumed something like Half Kiss Army and Half.. I dunno what I assumed but I knew I wouldn't fit in. But then again I can't really show any tits. The carnival food could help tho :)

These are for whoever "wants to see (eat?) her butt" at 25:48.
Would you take those stars back if I told you he said "I wanna pee in your butt"?

Rodents of Unusual Size
This is just one step closer to Snow Crash becoming reality.
infinite zest
you mean cyberdoggies and smartwheels? Or poor impulse control? :)

Are the Asian and black girls volunteering for this event white trash too?
Grandmaster Funk
Shh, no, they are strong and noble Womyn of Colour who can do no wrong.

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