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Desc:His mother was a saint.
Category:News & Politics, Crime
Tags:nixon, Harry Shearer, GOP, 1974, dead white guys
Submitted:John Holmes Motherfucker
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You fuckin' go, Hank.
infinite zest
Shit.. this is a TV show? I just found out about it but I thought it was just a play, like "All The Way" was for LBJ (made famous, but not originally played by that guy who was the dad in Malcom in the Middle.. I think he was in something else too maybe?)

Looks like it's out of the UK on Sky Network so maybe I'll see it in a million years based on the one lonely seeder.. :(
Unfortunately, Shearer's makeup is so bad it's distracting.

He should have just played the character without all the facial prosthetics.
It is over the top, you're right. Then again it's Harry Shearer and this Nixon performance is on par with Hopkins's, sooooo fuck yeah, I want to see more

infinite zest
My favorite was the guy who played Nixon in Watchmen, especially the "Ultimate Cut."

I kept waiting for Scooby & the gang to rip off his mask. Unfortunately, Nixons really do exist.

Oh let's not forget Black Dynamite's Nixon. Perhaps the most charitable Nixon of all.

or these:
Kevin Spacey in the Butler
Anthony Hopkins in the Oliver Stone movie
the one on Doctor Who

John Holmes Motherfucker
In the tweet where I found this, I think Shearer said that this was "verbatim" what was actually said before and after the resignation speech. Amazing to think that he got up and said "Merry Christmas"!
I'm no Nixon expert, but from my understanding:

He was the first in the new wave. War crimes, power politics, flagrant special interests, the world we live in now, the way politics play out, the template is Nixon. Every president since has a Nixon running part of their playbook.

Not sure I'd go so far as calling him a monster, but he was the natural next step in the evolution of the republic.

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