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Desc:On two felony counts. The current Governor of Texas who wanted to be president.
Category:News & Politics, Crime
Tags:Texas, republicans, Corruption, Rick Perry, Indictment
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Comment count is 14
"liberal enclave"

man, that leftist MSM sure picks some generous phrasing.
Sexy Duck Cop
Or it actually be a liberal enclave in a deeply conservative state. That too is a possibility.

Sexy Duck Cop
Or it actually be a liberal enclave in a deeply conservative state. That too is a possibility.

I woke up and opened my browser. This was the first thing I saw. Today is going to be a good day.
Binro the Heretic
This is a good start, I guess.

I'd like to see his fortunes fall so drastically that he ends up needing social assistance...but there's none to be had because he gutted all the programs already.
Don't most of these guys maintain a residency elsewhere for just such an emergency?

Nobody I know got killed in South Central L.A.
I'd like to point out that EVERYONE around here wanted lehmburg to step down except the democrat party insiders that didn't want Perry to appoint a republic to this postion. As bad as that outcome would have been there were no rank and file democrats around here who really supported having a drunk power abuser as the head of a public integrity unit.
John Holmes Motherfucker
As someone whose mother spent a weekend in jail over a drunk driving incident, I think she paid her debt to society.

Apparently I was drunk when I wrote this, "republic to this postion"

Pretty sure that these happen to clear the path for some as yet unknown conservative messiah that, as usual, won't appear. Then it will be another cycle of no-names from Big Square States that don't have time to accurately alienate every living American and one of them eventually becomes an unelectable candidate, then they sweep some statehouses in the off term and the new crop of idiots pops up.

The unexamined life, etc.
Spaceman Africa
Maximum sentencing on those charges is 100+ years. We can only hope.
Can he get pardoned by some other ass licker that gets in office?

I'm sure the supreme court will make corruption a constitutional freedom before any time is served.

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