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Desc:I don't watch the show, but this was incredibly charming.
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:N64, James Bond, Pierce Brosnan, Jimmy Fallon
Submitted:infinite zest
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Comment count is 9
This mother-fucker gets his own make-a-wish foundation for a living.
Five stars for vicariously living out half my fantasies.
infinite zest
I would've liked it if it was more drawn out.. I used to play a ton of Bond at this house I lived in and my girlfriend at the time had never played a FPS. Suffice it to say I let her win even though she would've been dead in 10 seconds. But they probably had this amount of time. I'd like to see a rematch where Brosnan is Oddjob and Fallon is Jaws is all :)

I am shocked and appalled that they did not give Brosnan Oddjob. That was the first thing I thought of when I read the title, and whatever writer was responsible for dreaming up this segment, you know he thought of it, too.

What the hell, guys? Minus star.

Old People
Stars for "mother-fucker". Never seen that before; the hyphenating somehow makes it much more vulgar.

I think all the make-a-wish kids should ask to host this show, effectively keeping Jimmy Fallon off TV as long as children keep getting terminal illnesses.

screen watcher! quit lookin at my screen jimmy you dick!
Mostly disappointed that they only went to first blood instead of 5 points.
Gotta agree with Chocolate on this one.
Jimmy Fallon
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