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Desc:Begins at 3:43. Ends with a...well, Jesus, I'd rather not say.
Category:Video Games, Horror
Tags:chair, mod, obama, The Room, Skyrim
Submitted:Sexy Duck Cop
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Jet Bin Fever
Ohhh, I get it. Clint Eastwood joke. I guess that was relevant at the time?
Have you seen the mods on the Skyrim Nexus? This is incredibly tame vs most of it.

Also, my first thought was Chairface Chippendale from The Tick.

infinite zest
I didn't think of either of those

Sexy Duck Cop
Wow, I seriously never made the connection. I...guess it's a Clint Eastwood joke?

Oh, now I see why you went apeshit rage hipster in the MLP video about the Skrimp.

This skrimp be personal to your heart, now let's ask my cunt what they think...

Sexy Duck Cop
no you just really really suck as a poster and I find cunty one-word reviews annoying regardless

I don't care.

This isn't healthy for you, the Internet is NOT real territory you are in any danger of my monstrous ass taking from you, and you need to get over it.

Meanwhile, someone else one starred your video. Here are five stars, I know you will fucking hate me now for five starring this video.

There are too many real things in the world to be hateful and miserable about to warrant this video's legacy of star rating be one of them.



Oops, forgot to rate, so I'll do one better and also add it to my favorites.

Sexy Duck Cop
you have never posted three consecutive words that are not terrible

You have to be Mitt Romney.

Carry on fighting for Equestria, or whatever magical parallel dimension you think this is.

This is a crazy reference, but was that "Hunam Scum" thing a reference to Tradewars? Does anybody know what I'm talking about?
Jet Bin Fever
I always think of the Spathi from Star Control 2 when someone says Hunam.

So nobody is going to acknowledge "Tommy"?
Sexy Duck Cop
Nobody wants to acknowledge "Tommy".

Everyone wants to look away.

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