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Category:Educational, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Car, physics, sofa, will it fit, Dunning-Kruger
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Comment count is 21
Sofa King Wee Todd Did
The Mothership
Yorkshire. The Third World.
Fuckin' dimensions, how do they work?
I think someone's been watching too much Dr. Who.

When you see a trailer hitch on a mazda miata, you're just seeing somebodies poor long term planning abilities and bad taste.
This- this was stupid as art.
I'd much rather put a hitch on a Miata because I might have to tow an oversized object once every 3 years instead of using a giant truck only for grocery shopping and commutes in the same timeframe.

I'd rather just rent a truck the one time I need one.

That guy
for "stupid as art" and the Dunning-Kruger tag

Fluffy is boring, cannot appreciate a miata with truck nuts dragging along the road.

on that guy having said multiple times this wasn't going to work before even trying, but the women browbeat him into doing it.
I am sorry you are having troubles at home.

Given that he was the most persistent actor in the whole situation, I'm going to go ahead and call you wronger than wrong on this one.

The nagging he must have endured before and after this ordeal must have been unbelievable.

Seems to me the woman in the half moo-moo is giving out orders, so I stand by my claim!

Oh shit!

This isn't Yorkshire, it's North East Lincolnshire, where I just so happen to live! This has been super weird watching this go from our little "Spotted:Grimsby" page on Facebook to being everywhere only.

This is in the same town as that film by Sacha Baron Cohen is being set.
My father's side of the family are cod heads from Grimsby but I believe he was born in Cleethorps (forgive spelling, in a rush and on phone).

Regardless, in Russia they totally would have just driven off with the sofa jammed in the back so it wasn't currently falling.

The observation at 2:45 completely threw me for a loop.
I can't stop watching this.
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
The eternal struggle.
Lash it to the top of your car!
At 3:14 there is a twist. He thinks he's found the cause of the problem. Little does he know it is still fucking impossible.
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