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Desc:Israel just wants peace.
Category:Military, Crime
Tags:Israel, sniper, Palestine, idf, War Crime
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Comment count is 88
That guy - 2014-08-23
again, not for the video, but for the weasel words in your description:
There are warhawk hardliners and doves on both sides.

Also, motherfucker, your last posted solution was to move all the Jews out of Israel to some island somewhere.

I refuse to read into the context just because I don't like seeing people shot. This could be pointless rogue violence, or a specifically identified enemy.
Change - 2014-08-23
eat a dick

That guy - 2014-08-23
good one

That guy - 2014-08-23
"ship them off to some island in the middle of the pacific, because they cant seem to get along with anyone but themselves." = destroy Israel, force all the Jews out.

"Israel just wants peace" = sarcastically saying that all the Israelis are the same bloodthirsty type.

Next SolRo will say that Israelis paint all Palestinians with the same stripe.........

Change - 2014-08-23
i don't give a fuck what solro says

eat two dicks, you dumb quibbling sackless fuck

TimidAres - 2014-08-23
I hate to be "that guy" but all this could have been avoided if Israel wasnt planted smack-dab in the middle of land that wasnt theirs. Every person they kill creates more problems for themselves.
I dont understand how a race of people that were oppressed by an ethnic, apartheid state can turn around and use the same exact tactics on another group of people.
They're paying their foreign immigrants to return to thier respective countires, and sexually sterilizing those who stay. They retaliate en masse in response to attacks that amount to little more than bottle rockets.
They kill and torture individuals, murder journalists, set fire and spray raw sewage on people's homes to "coerce" them to leave. They will never be satisfied.
Israel is a zionist, apartheid state and I think people are finally starting to take notice.
Any nation that considers the deployment of something like the Sampson Option a "right" is sick in the head.
It makes you wonder if Jews really are immune to criticism.

Spaceman Africa - 2014-08-23
Now why didn't they just move Israel to Australia like they were originally going to do.

memedumpster - 2014-08-23
Koalas are way worse than Palestinians.

TimidAres - 2014-08-23
Hitler had plans to make Madagascar an exclusively Jewish state, you know, before that whole Final Solution idea gained steam.

That guy - 2014-08-23
hahaha good one Change

TimidAres, do you have a link to this deportation and sterilization movement?

SolRo - 2014-08-23
I don't want Israel destroyed, but it still would be.

Israelis that get forced to abandon their illegal settlements destroy everything just to spite the original Palestinian owners. So, yeah, Israel would get destroyed by Israelis

TimidAres - 2014-08-23
I dont know what sources you deem credible, but a simple google search brings up multiple results for all these subjects.
Israel paying migrants to leave:
Forced sterilization of immigrants:
http://www.forbes.com/sites/eliseknutsen/2013/01/28/israel-for ibly-injected-african-immigrant-women-with-birth-control/
Israel will pay for your abortion, especially if you are a darkie:
Israel paying college students to defend it and spread propaganda on social media sites:
http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2013/08/14/israel-stu dents-social-media/2651715/
The list of sinister doing keeps going if you care to dig for it.
A nation of hypocrites, supporting multiculturalism and immigration for every country but their own.

That guy - 2014-08-23
I found the forced (temporary) sterilization- indefensible.

The link itself was bad, even with the space removed, but that article exists on Forbes.

Anyway, my point has never been that Israel is right, but that both sides are awful and the situation is complex and more-or-less unresolvable.

SolRo is rah-rah Palestine. I don't think it's that easy.

Shanghai Tippytap - 2014-08-23
>>supporting multiculturalism and immigration for every country but their own.

how does israel do this? or are you mistaking israel for the internationalist elitist jewish caballist conspiracy that only exists in your head?

Albuquerque Halsey - 2014-08-23
>move all the Jews out of Israel to some island somewhere.

Staten Island?

Change - 2014-08-23
i am not joking, that guy

Potrod - 2014-08-24
Wherever you stand on the issue, you should probably agree that Change is the absolute worst. Otherwise I'm with Scrotum H.

ashtar. - 2014-08-24
I support a Two Dick solution. It's the only way all parties can move forward.

baleen - 2014-08-24
Israel is a horrible, horribly racist country that lives in terror under the shadow of its own creation. However, they have a right to exist.

So is yours, you fucking hipsters.

The Mexican drug war is pretty awful, but triple that and then remove any kind of centralized government and then imagine that it's shooting dumb missiles into your mom's yard.

Stupid hipsters.

baleen - 2014-08-24
"I dont understand how a race of people that were oppressed by an ethnic, apartheid state can turn around and use the same exact tactics on another group of people. "

No actually, if you're referring to the FUCKING NAZIS, there would be, I don't know, more LAMPSHADES MADE OF PALESTINIAN CHILDREN and probably NO PALESTINIANS if they were "just like the Nazis" as you fucking fart skulls are fond of saying.

Seriously 190,000 people dead is the current count in Syria, and yet you have chosen to gravitate toward this rather racist and unfortunate event. Why not post a picture of an American journalist being beheaded? Shouldn't this give you some semblance of a sad war boner? It is so abundantly obvious that none of you care IN THE SLIGHTEST about Palestine. You are so fraudulent, your logic so frail, your understanding of history so pathetic, you may as well just continue playing Skyrim or whatever the fuck it is you people do in between wikipedia browsings and abandon this holy quest for Palestinian justice at once.

I hope that you get raped by a jaguar, and that your mothers vaginas are sewn shut by the glorious heroes of the Mossad, for a hipster can never truly understand middle eastern politics, and nor can a anime obsessive, socially avoidant shut-in.

SolRo - 2014-08-24
Israel the annexed state doesn't have any natural "right" to exist.

Or you mean those old scribbles in some retarded book give it holy rights to land?

SolRo - 2014-08-24
Syria is just another American weapons supply contract, same as Israel.

Though Syria is more schaudenfrade, since yet again NATO forces have created a terrorist threat with their own weapons and funding.

Spaceman Africa - 2014-08-24
"Israel is a horrible, horribly racist country that lives in terror under the shadow of its own creation. However, they have a right to exist." Baleen how are you able to stand the cognitive dissonance there?

That guy - 2014-08-24
hahaha good point change

Change - 2014-08-24
kill yourself

EvilHomer - 2014-08-24
The United States is horrible, horribly racist country that lives in terror under the shadow of its own creation. Russia is a horrible, horribly racist country that lives in terror under the shadow of its own creation. China is a horrible, horribly racist country that lives in terror under the shadow of its own creation. Yet we respect their right to exist. There is no cognitive dissonance if we do not insist these nations be driven into the sea.

So why must Israel be singled out for extermination?

Another point which gets brought up time and time again, yet never truly answered, is the undeniable fact that Israel did not start its wars for existence. Those people who wish to see Israel destroyed are not responding to Israel's actions; rather, the IDF is responding to those people who wish to see Israel destroyed. This is an important distinction. The destruction of Israel was not a carefully considered cause that grew out of rational, humanitarian thought. Rather, it was a reaction by racist theocratic states against the Jews, whom the ultra-conservative Arabs wished to obliterate for religious and political reasons! One can argue that Israel has lost the moral high-ground, one can argue that Israel has become "just as bad" as the Muslim invaders it has spent seventy years defending itself against. I certainly would. But it is important to keep a sense of perspective, remembering that even the most hardcore radical Zionists are really no worse than organizations like Hamas, and that Israel has offered peace many times, on the perfectly reasonable condition that its neighbours respect its right to exist.

Why the double standard here? If Jewish actions have removed Israel's right to exist, then surely we must all agree that Muslim actions removed Palestine's right to exist long ago! If the complete extermination of the people of Israel is a justified goal for the Muslims, as fedora-wearing Palestinian solidaritists would have us believe, then I'm afraid we must also accept that the complete extermination of the people of Palestine is a justified goal for the Israelis.

*Or*, we could take baleen's position, and refuse to buy into the hip propaganda narrative that racists try to sell us. That works, too.

SolRo - 2014-08-24
anyone wanna give a tl:dr on that word salad? Judging from the last paragraph, it's full retard.

TimidAres - 2014-08-24
I dont support either side, honestly. But Israel are the invaders, they are the instigators, they are the ones using brutish underhanded tactics, they are the ones sowing lies.

Judging from some of the comments, I would venture to guess that some of you have a personal stake in this conflict.
If the nazis were really trying to exterminate all the jews, they werent trying very hard. Judging from how many holocaust "survivors" that are still raking in sympathy money from idiots every year.
The legacy of the holocaust has been perverted into a tool to gain sympathy, money, and political immunity from those who would employ its infamy.
We send billion dollars to Israel annually, thats ridiculous.

Also, Jew-skin lamps and furniture? That shit is a hoax. Just because one woman allegedly practiced this does not mean everyone in Germany was clamoring for one.
Say what you must.

EvilHomer - 2014-08-24
Once again, SolRo, you fall back on name-calling and passive aggressive dismissal. This is a pattern with you, and indeed with most Palestinian supporters, and every time you do it, I'm afraid that you only strengthen baleen's arguments.

It's funny, too, because when memedumpster says that a logical, well-reasoned wall of text is "word salad", I'm pretty sure that he's trolling. He knows I'm far too analytical to let something that slide, and he gets the reaction out of me he wants. But when you do it, however, I suspect that you're being deadly serious! How would you rather I debate you? Should I resort to Newspeak, and limit myself to two sentences worth of ad hominem and rage-flame?

That guy - 2014-08-24
Change, you got a million of 'em!!

That guy - 2014-08-24
TimidAres, what are you talking about? "they are the instigators, they are the ones using brutish underhanded tactics,"
Both sides have instigators who use brutish, underhanded tactics. This is a both-sides-are-wrong conflict if ever there was one.

Change - 2014-08-26
kill yourself

That guy - 2014-08-26
no u

Change - 2014-08-26
no seriously, kill yourself

your family would be better off without you

That guy - 2014-08-26
this is you:
"All Israelis are 1000% evil. Islam is a religion of peace."

That guy - 2014-08-26
Or alternately:
"The Palestinians are oppressed, so nothing they do is wrong, by definition."

Or both, maybe?


Change - 2014-08-28
i didn't say any of that

you are literally dumber than solro, kill yourself

That guy - 2014-08-29
no u

Change - 2014-08-29
the world would be better if you finally did it

EvilHomer - 2014-08-29
You two really need a pony intervention.


Change - 2014-08-29
hey can you tell this guy to kill himself

EvilHomer - 2014-08-29
No, please don't. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

That guy - 2014-08-29
Hey Change, you could always go first.

Change - 2014-08-30
well, i got you mad, my job is done here

That guy - 2014-08-31
you're welcome, fartface

Change - 2014-08-31
cry more

That guy - 2014-09-01
If you have a crush on me, you can just say so.

Change - 2014-09-01
yeah, like that

That guy - 2014-09-01
last word


Change - 2014-09-01
and that

That guy - 2014-09-02
you're not even trying anymore
you could just asdfadasgsjdgkl now

Change - 2014-09-02
delicious fucking tears

EvilHomer - 2014-09-02
Hey Change, That Guy. What do you two look like?

Change - 2014-09-02
4'6" of bitch-faced fuck off

that help you finish or what?

EvilHomer - 2014-09-02
No, more descriptive. If you don't mind. Like hairstyle, bodytype, any celebrities you look like. An actual photo would be ideal, but if that's too creepy, a link to your fursona, or an OC you choose to personify yourself with, those would be fine too!

Change - 2014-09-02
i am so glad you exist

Rangoon - 2014-08-23
A pariah state for a reason. Five for evil.
Old People - 2014-08-23
They killed an insurgent who would gladly have killed them. Shameful and shocking behavior by the fascist thugs of a pariah state.
EvilHomer - 2014-08-23
Yeah, I don't get it, SolRo. You may want peace, but until then, there's no reason you can't be happy you're winning.

EvilHomer - 2014-08-23
My Future and Relationship with Twilight and Something None of You Are Likely Doing

Everyone I know says I have a good life, caring family and not poor, but there is a HUGE personal problem that you all wont believe. I had a B average at school and sometimes A's, but no, this was unacceptable in my standards. I was actually getting extremely depressed due to this, also most importantly, it is impossible for me to get a girl friend due to my extreme unattraction to humans. I am terribly sorry to say this, but I was going to do the dreaded Final Solution. But before I did I discovered MLP.

Discovering MLP and becoming a brony in a extremely bizarre way

This has to be the most bizarre way to become a brony and then the pony lover. I was on Youtube looking though the comments of this top ten disturbing video. One comment said that at least it wasn't as disturbing as Creepypasta. Of course I was interested in it, I went to see Creepypasta videos, finding Cupcakes, my first contact with MLP. After listening to it I saw the video suggestions and thought "why the heck not?", so in a nutshell, a few months later I have not seen a single MLP episode, yet I knew everything about Equestria, no love toward anypony yet. I finally decided to watch an episode on my Ipod and in another nutshell, after some feelings toward multiple ponies, I feel in love with Twilight Sparkle.

Life Project

I knew Twilight couldn't love me back, she is not real here for me. But I believe in the multiverse. I know that it is possible to get to Equestria, I just have to work hard, very hard. I abandoned school by lowering my grades to F's, by doing this I had no pressure from school. I have converted an area of my room that now looks like it should be in a military base. True, I am smart, I know the dangers of Equestria, I know my religion, I wont ever abandon Christianity. When I get to Equestria, I will do things none of you would ever do or ever think of.

Me in Equestria

When I get here, first things first, locate Mirror Pool. Create clone army while making sure all clones are loyal to me. Create government and fortress in a specific area. Christianize world, yup that's right, like I said, I wont abandon my religion. If they do not accept my beliefs, I will force them, I got no choice. Once goals are completed, Twilight will be easy for me to get.

After Completion of Life Goals

During all that time, I will not of forgotten any of you. May sound childish, but to all of you that love ponies, I will share the glory of being in Equestria. I will have started an Industrial Revolution in Equestria, with all of your help, with the aid of magic, Equestria will be forever changed in a wonderful way.

After Reading All This

Well, you now know my planned future, how similar yet very different I am to all of you. Luckily just about all of you believe ponies are real, so I should get some helpful feedback on my future plans. So what do you all think of my current and future life?
Old People - 2014-08-23
What pit of shame and despair did you find this in?

EvilHomer - 2014-08-23

You need to register to view the content, but please remember the Prime Directive: no trolling, just lurking. It might be a good idea to set up two or three "poe" accounts just so people could log-in and view the content without raising too much suspicion?

TimidAres - 2014-08-23
Scrawled meticulously, yet feverishly, in a dollar store notebook resting on the stained porcelain toilet in his bathroom.
It waits silently for its next written glimpse into hell, folded corners and all.

If any inanimate object could feel reluctance and madness, surely, this is it.

Spaceman Africa - 2014-08-23
fuck off EvilHomer

memedumpster - 2014-08-23
OldPeople, EvilHomer, this is what cash looks like. You both could team up and write "The Transdimensional Adventurer's Special Forces Survival Bible" and have to beat the money off with hookers.

EvilHomer - 2014-08-23
In case you're curious, that post leads to a rather gruesome six page argument about the ethics of forcing Ponies to convert to Christianity, a thread lock, and at least one ban.

It helps to remember that everyone on the forum thinks Equestria is literally real, and is accessible via wizardry/ tulpamancy.

TheOtherCapnS - 2014-08-23
I knew before I even googled 'tulpamancy' that it was a word whose meaning would make me feel worse, then in some way better. Thank you.

Old People - 2014-08-24
Oh my god. Someone should notify these kids' parents. This shit is really sad.

memedumpster, you have a point. I was about to say that I'd rather gnaw off my own thumbs than pander to today's youth, but then I realized that the noble thing to do is to separate them from their money before someone else does. I would spend it on living a good life, and would tithe a large amount to human rights, environmental, educational, and peace-related causes; these kids will just waste it on shameful plastic statuary and things that make them fat.

Jet Bin Fever - 2014-08-23
Not going to watch this. The whole situation just makes me incredibly sad and doubt the worth of humanity as a whole.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2014-08-23
I don't care anymore.
SolRo - 2014-08-24
What a great luxury to be able to get sick and tired of the shit your countries support.

baleen - 2014-08-24
What a great luxury it is to be a boring jackass watching anime and pretending to care about things you know nothing about.

SolRo - 2014-08-24
so you'd be exactly like me if you watched anime?

That guy - 2014-08-24
Hey SolRo, do you want to play compare Western civilization to some ideal, or to the rest of the world?


SolRo - 2014-08-24
You can justify a lot of shit if you set your bar to the lowest point possible. Some countries aim to be better than that.

EvilHomer - 2014-08-24
Not Palestine!


BorrowedSolution - 2014-08-24
I'm with Scrotum. Don't care. Not my country, nobody's dying in Canada over this, so fuck it.

Spaceman Africa - 2014-08-24
Damn... apathy. How different and cool.

That guy - 2014-08-24
Hey SolRo you forgot to name somewhere to compare all of Western civ's evils to.....

That guy - 2014-08-24
you forgot to name somewhere
dairyqueenlatifah - 2014-08-24
*video link of Palestinians celebrating 9/11*
SolRo - 2014-08-24
Murder anyone that doesn't like you.

Stay classy.

That guy - 2014-08-24
^ says Mr. Let's-Destroy-Israel

That guy - 2014-08-24
It's almost like you only understand the Palestinian point of view, and not the Israeli one, or the US one....

It's almost like you have some double-standards going.

Palestinians celebrate death and destruction by dancing in the streets:
"That's unclassy to hate them for that"

Israeli soldiers celebrate a rifle shot in unknown circumstances:
"Evil and illegal"

SolRo - 2014-08-25
Shooting an unarmed teenager and celebrating is exactly the same as not liking the USA!

You two are living shit. Cancer would be too good for you.

That guy - 2014-08-26
Where are the facts behind this situation that make the Israeli celebration deplorable, yet Palestinians dancing in the streets after the WTC attacks not deplorable?

How does your reply "Murder anyone that doesn't like you.
Stay classy." make sense?

You immediately know the full context of this particular shot?

"not liking the usa" = dancing in the streets, celebrating the WTC attacks.
fuck you forever you bag of shit

Spaceman Africa - 2014-08-24
5 for these types of videos upsetting everything here more than the average Sarkeesian video.
zerobackup - 2014-08-25
I wouldn't say I'm a supporter of Israel, but I did understand their actions until recently. I feel like they have been attacked over and over every few years and this has been building and building for generations at this point. We sit over here with an ocean between ourselves and the war and try to analyze and play armchair generals, the truth is both sides want to destroy eachother at this point. Who can blame them? They have been at constant odds since day 1 and there have been many deaths on both sides. If your neighbor has a dog that barks for hours on end each night you'll eventually utter the words, "I'm gonna kill that fucker and take his dog away." Now imagine your neighbor shot your wife and kid...and your neighbor still lives next to you. Nothing we do will stop as war over there, just like nothing we do is going to stop The Islamic State from forcing a 21st century holy war. It may be an incredibly short holy war, as our side is crazily more well equipped than theirs, but it will be a holy war in the desert during our lifetimes. The Modern Crusades, how lovely.
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