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Desc:In all of her over 1600 videos on youtube, she has NEVER said any one individual is a Gang Stalker.
Category:Nature & Places, Horror
Tags:Gangstalking, targeted individual, passive aggressive, bonnieleec, just sayin
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So, not a good idea to wear red shirts around crazy people then.
Schizophrenics fear Federation security most of all.

All of their many, many, MANY deaths were false flag operations so the Federation could confiscate your phasers.

What about 1313 Dead End Drive?
Last Monday, I believe it was, the Oceanside Police knocked on her door along with a member of the Psychiatric Emergency Response Team. She describes it in this video:


She didn't answer the door, so they left a phone number for her to call. She just shrugged it off and used it as evidence of government gang stalking. I don't believe it was a suggestion. Now she hasn't posted anything in three days. I'm guessing she's been 5150'ed, the California section for a 72-hour psychiatric hold.
The Psychiatric Emergency Response Team finally called her back. They just told her not to film holding a camera while driving. I'm surprised she didn't get a full 5150 hold.


Wow, that is a surprisingly crazy-nice house for a targeted individual/psycho type person.
You know, as someone who lives in a neighborhood like this, you pretty much can NEVER go out front without someone being out there. I see my neighbors constantly and it was pretty much like that on the street where I grew up. Not sure what weird world these people expect, but when you live in the suburbs, you WILL see your neighbors outside constantly for the most part.
Well according to my extensive gangstalking of the person living at 3191 Coral Drive, she was a schoolteacher for 29 years until "operation fireman" started 8 years ago. Plenty of time to allow our subject to buy a house on a quiet street where the mind control rays work far more effectively.


Miss Henson's 6th grade class
Not saying 3185 Coral Drive, Oceanside CA is a paranoid schizophrenic but ya know...
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