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Category:Classic TV Clips, Horror
Tags:, Venture Bros., O_o, season 6
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Juice Eggs McKenna
Good use of the phantom tag Waugh
Two things we need less of, Venture Bros. and Waugh.
screw you, they both provide me with amusement and/or excitement!

Nope. Yep.


who's "we", btw?

we = Me and my ass tulip.

your ass tulip is being sold on a dutch market, dipshit.

I'm happy to know the next season is coming.
I do hope VB cuts down on the navel-gazing and opts more to moving forward -- the show gets so heavily into its own backstory that it mires itself like a super awesome tank that just looks silly stuck in the mud. I like backstory, but not if it brings the show to a halt.

The Monarch should have taken down the Guild of Calamitous Intent seasons ago, about the time he realized they were getting in the way of his arching Dr. Venture. There would have been a lot more promise in that than Dr. Girlfriend leafing through a GCI rule book to establish who has primary arching rights.

The original main theme of the show was failure, but the various characters have all pretty much faced up to their failings by now, and have started inching their way forward. Even Dr. Jonas Venture, originally held up to be some kind of nearly ideal scientist / adventurer that his son could never live up to, has been revealed as a pretty shitty guy; even if Rusty can't be half the scientist his dad was, he is showing himself to be a better man. So good, everyone's pointed forward, now full speed ahead already.

P.S. shut up
Agreed. The last couple of seasons have been especially annoying. I don't even remember most of what happened, and I'm not interested enough to rewatch it to find out. It doesn't help that they keep on pulling that cutesy nonlinear canon-wank shit that makes everything so "intricate" and "connected." It's not clever, it's just shitty, self-amused storytelling.

I feel like they ran out of 80s action cartoons to spoof and weren't quite sure what to do with themselves after that.

So what was the deal with that double episode where they were making the shields for Gargantua 2? I thought it was kicking off a new season. Anyway, stars
It did kick off a season, which aired like a year ago. It was pretty good, the highlight perhaps being Hank lost and alone in the jungle, loopy from eating nothing but coffee beans, and going Full Batman.

Oh, nice!


I hate the way too long nerd conversations in and about this show, so this trailer was really off-putting. The show is actually better than this makes it out to be by quite a lot, though I'm not into it enough anymore to say I will watch this season.
Binro the Heretic
I guess Rusty finally got tired of their shit.
aren't you?

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