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Desc:the 90s DID have some bad cartoons ya know!
Category:Classic TV Clips, Cartoons & Animation
Tags:90s, Capcom, darkstalkers, bad cartoon infinity, adaptation decay
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Comment count is 24
SolRo - 2014-08-26
As awesome as anime is, the comparative crimes-against-humanity of western animation in the 90s sure did help popularize it in the west.
Sudan no1 - 2014-08-26
Think of all the weeaboos we could have prevented if this was nevre made.

infinite zest - 2014-08-26
The dialogue is unbelievably corny. By "unbelievable" I mean it sounds like one of those "____ Abridged" animes.

Kid Fenris - 2014-08-27
Oddly, the Darkstalkers anime series is the diametric opposite of this show. It's so straight-faced about silly monster fights that it's just boring.

EvilHomer - 2014-08-26
"Get inside fast!"

Ooohhh yeah. Ehehehehehe, hehehhee. BOooOooOoooing.
duck&cover - 2014-08-26
Don't really want to be the one to sound the dupe alarm, but this is already on here.

However, this is quite a shitty cartoon.
Sexy Duck Cop - 2014-08-27
The original was taken down, and this masterpiece deserves a revival tour.

BHWW - 2014-08-26
I vaguely remember coming across this one morning when I had gotten up very early and an episode of this was airing for whatever reason in those very early hours on a local station in a time slot way before you'd expect most children to be up - while the latter decades of the 20th century - and these first few parts of the 21st have had their share of awful animation, and trends in awful animation the 90s had more than it's fair share.
Sexy Duck Cop - 2014-08-27
That saddest hour in all of television was the 5 AM "fuck it" slot, where cartoons were playing solely for kids whose parents were divorced and had to drive them to school an hour early because no bus would come by their dad's apartment.

Old People - 2014-08-26
This is dumb as fuck, but I don't see what makes it any different from 90% of anime and the other brony-ass garbage you people are into.
ashtar. - 2014-08-26
if only we had cool hobbies like listening to obscure novelty music from the 70's on spergobsessively fine tuned sound systems built from artifact keyboards and solid iridium needles suspended in metallic hydrogen

or model trains those are cool

ashtar. - 2014-08-26
oh fuck drunk I thought you were Ol' Zirc.


Whatever your thing is it's dumb. Shut up.

EvilHomer - 2014-08-27
Well, it's cornier than most anime. Anime is generally written with an audience in mind of roughly thirteen years old ("adult themes", in otaku parlance). This seems geared towards an audience of maybe seven or eight; it's silly, not too edgy, and plays it safe with the audience-insert character, who seems to be an average kid with a regular life who still has parents/adult guardians to rely on (in contrast with anime, which tends to make its audience-insert characters angsty teens with messed up lives and no adult supervision whatsoever). The animation is smoother than many animes, but the art is sloppier, I.e. the proportions slip all over the place and the characters are constantly offmodel. Finally, weeaboos tend to be more sensitive than most to errors in established video game canon, and this show is crock full of them.

As for My Little Pony, this show is nowhere near as well-written or as well-drawn as Friendship is Magic. G1, 2, and 3 Ponies, on the other hoof? Yeah, they're worse than this show. OG bronies have no room to complain.

SolRo - 2014-08-27
the tits are poorly animated.

cognitivedissonance - 2014-08-27
I'm into cartoons from the off-Hollywood studios of the 1930s. Van Buren Studios for lyfe!

memedumpster - 2014-08-27
Five for OldPeople making "adults" defend watching kids' cartoons to the point where people not involved in the thread got dissed for simply having a different hobby than being an adult who watches kids' cartoons.

I wish I had more stars.

EvilHomer - 2014-08-27
Hey meme, What Time Is It...?!

Old People - 2014-08-27
This is the first time I ever trolled anyone and it worked out pretty well.

infinite zest - 2014-08-26
Hahaha this was awesome but I wonder who greenlighted this: Ryu, Mario, Sonic and the like were kind of household names for people who'd never played videogames, but Darkstalkers seemed pretty fringe. I don't think I even knew about it until like 1997, and I was sort of their target demographic as I was like 12 years old when it aired in 95.
DrVital - 2014-08-26
I watched this a few times because I like the game quite a bit. The animation was terrible. Things (important things!) would constantly disappear from the frame, and nothing made any sense.

If the animators can't be bothered, why should we bother?
Scrimmjob - 2014-08-27
Yeah, this shit got a pass from me because I liked dark stalkers, same with the mutant league cartoon. I don't remember this being quite so retarded though.

dairyqueenlatifah - 2014-08-27
Dupe of a dupe.

Kid Fenris - 2014-08-27
I can sympathize with the people who made this. They were handed a goofy, plotless, well-animated fighting game about monsters and told to turn it into largely non-violent, de-sexualized, semi-coherent kiddie fare with cut-rate animation. It's no wonder they tried for a comedy.

Hilarious as it is, this collection shouldn't have cut Raptor's music video into separate clips. It works better as a whole.

infinite zest - 2014-08-27
Oh my god. I think I was away for both the dupe and this. "And then the shark dances too" is a criminally underused tag.

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