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Desc:Elliott Hulse is a self-proclaimed strongman, strength coach and 'video poet'
Category:Educational, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:steroids, depression, body horror, mania, bodybuilders
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>It has been through my practice of various forms of “body meditation” that I’ve come into contact with a powerful, non-linear intelligence that I believe guides my steps, weather I acknowledge it – or not.

These meditations, which include Bioenergetics and Yoga, remove the barrier of ego by helping the consciously-controlled striated muscular system to move into deep relaxation, while allowing the spontaneous activity of the visceral system (or autonomic nervous system) to move into my conscious awareness.

I have learned to trust that the spontaneous symbols or words that come to my attention while I’m in deep muscular relaxation arise from this powerful unconscious intelligence.
Non-linear intelligence includes not understanding the difference between weather and whether.

These wrestling intros are just getting weird.
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
Mainly found this really.. grating. Had to stop 10 secs in or so
Well, shit, and I was hoping working out with ridiculous body goals would help me curb my misanthropy, but if I have to surrender my soul to an information being too, screw that.

I am now misinformationbeing.
This guy seems pretty intense.
This guy is one acid bomb away from a Björk stalker.
That guy
...he said, giving himself 5 stars.

Sssssexual... sssssynergy! Bring me the Baronesssssss....
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
He started out as a legit fitness/bodybuilding channel but uhhh he's changed a bit over time.
Maggot Brain
What the fuck, why is this guy watching kids!
Prickly Pete
Isn't this guy in Grand Theft Auto 4?
So that's where that .gif came from.
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