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Desc:From their new show on IFC, Garfunkel and Oates sing about the different views on love pre & post 30
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:IFC, Riki Lindhome, Kate Micucci, garfunkel and oates
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Comment count is 15
They get 5 stars from me no matter what.

I liked the episode where they decided to not talk, and the guys who were dating them were fine with it.
infinite zest
What? I was on a tinder date a couple of weeks ago and just wrote everything down not saying a word, as if you were still communicating on Tinder. Either I'm spiritually ripping these gals off or maybe it's the other way around.

infinite zest
Okay fine. I'll start watching this show. Is it basically flight of the conchords but with babes? Because I'm fine with that. Also, 31 yearold I'm avail.
Babes and kind of precious, yes. I thought the funniest music video was the gay sesame street marriage one because it wasn't funny at all. Just overly sincere. I don't if I can explain all the ways it it amused me, but it did. I think it's just because you keep waiting for the other shoe to drop but it just gets sweeter and more saccharine with almost every line.

infinite zest
yeah I'm 32 so I don't find this funny, I just find it to be true. It's been a series of one night stands for me since my divorce, conveniently at 29. Suffice it to say but I've been in her shoes.

Wait til you're turning 36. Complain then.

That preload image: are they trapped in Plastic Man's torso?
So sick of ukuleles.
This was decent though.

They're sick of you too.

That guy
good one

Quirky, pastel ukulele! They ripped off the worst shit about Flight of the Conchords, which makes them 'Flight of the Conchords but with babes.'
That guy
They really make sure that nothing goes over anyone's head ever.

I was going to 2 or 3-star, but yeah, no ukelele in 2014 please.

I'll get on this train. I've smirked at some of their stuff I've heard on the radio, but this is obnoxious and unfunny and nowhere near the level of cleverness Flight of the Conchords had.

That guy
True. In fairness though, Conchords season 2 was fairly forced.

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