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Desc:Behold the prince of darkness and his exposed dongle as he baffles and offends residents.
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:Statue, satan, lucifer, slow news day, no spoilers in tags
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Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
News Story:
Someone tries to do something un-boring. The authorities immediately reinstate boringness. A spokeman for the city said "We dont wanna have people being shaken out of their torpor here, theyre better off just eating fast food and watching tv until the planets natural resources are depleted"

(I dont know what came over me)
Should've kept it.

Far superior to our "a hoop" art piece, for instance.

Maybe we could get them to do another "Cows everywhere" thing here, except with big-donged Satans.
Give him a hoop skirt

For some reason this reminded me of the late 90s, when the designated graffiti wall in Beverly, MA (that my train happened to go by twice a day) became home to a giant, well rendered mural of Stan jacking off. It was up or a year and nobody ever did anything about it, eventually someone else covered it up with a new piece.

Way to be more stuffy than Beverly in the 90s, Vancouver.
Hell of a lot of puns here, too.

Miss Henson's 6th grade class
I hear that Stan's a real pervert. Dude hit on my sister, ya know.

infinite zest
I couldn't get the video to play for some reason, but I think I get the jist of it. It's really a shame. Portland has an "arts tax" which, among other things, built one of the ugliest things I can think of. This thing:

http://www.portlandsocietypage.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/ 603159_10151257318638381_630632978_n-e1361297542130.jpg

Art's subjective but it cost about one million dollars and they tore down a wall with tons of really creative art to erect it and we paid for it. That's like paying somebody else's cable bill when you "don't watch tv. But if it's on it's on, right?" Street art is one thing: you paint something purposefully anonymously with the understanding that someone could come by the next night and paint over it. A sculpture is protected and really I think they should've gotten it commissioned first (and maybe toned down the cock a little bit.) A red devil isn't necessarily Satan himself anymore than a man with long hair and a beard wearing a robe is Jesus Christ. But putting a statue somewhere isn't that different from curbing a couch you don't want anymore. I'm sad it's gone though.

infinite zest
I am surprised that this is Vancouver though, as they actually have a Portland themed restaurant and bar now. They're trying to be more like us. Not that we're depraved but parents don't have a problem bringing their toddlers to a donut shop with cock-shaped donuts or dressing their kids in Slayer onesies.

Picture 9 in the article.
1:07 in the video

The local news puns.
infinite zest
In the 7 day forecast, we have a chance of hail Satan on Thursday but it looks like sun Satan the rest of the week.

Christ. It just kept going.

The Mothership
Yes, this.

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