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Category:Religious, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:God, christians, butts, sir mix-a-lot, Buts
Submitted:Shoebox Joe
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Comment count is 12
Man, this could easily be hijacked to make fun of Christians and Christian apologetics in particular.

Me: (points out messed up thing or contradiction in the Bible)
Apologist: "Yeah but"
Everyone I know has a big but.
infinite zest
I like big Yets and I don't like Stills/
You other brothers ain't got skills
/Nonwithstanding on the other hand you can't really use the ampers and
/ BUT STILL! BY/IN (buy in) To the power of the synonym!

/So shake that shake that shake that shake that shake

My Lamb of God don't want none unless you got conjunction :)

Herr Matthias
is this "Hip Teen Christians" week on PoeTV or something?
infinite zest
it is now.

I really, really wanted to find the Simpsons clip of the Cool New Catholic Church Superbowl Commercial to add to this, but the Simpsons people *still* ferociously go after and take down any Simpsons clips that end up online.

Anyway if there's a god these xtians are definitely going to hell.

infinite zest
God doesn't like apostrophes that much either
Your wrong.

infinite zest
but im always right

infinite zest
ps these star's are you'res.

Pee Wee likes to talk about big buts, too:

Just come on in to Church and we'll satisfy all your buts. Jesus Christ is the number one but satisfier.
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