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Category:Trailers, Humor
Tags:Hitler, italian spiderman, danger 5, dario russo, david ashby
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I have never heard of this before, and now I want to binge-watch the whole thing.
infinite zest
holy shit. It's like if NTSFSFSUV actually followed through on their promise that Time Angels was coming soon to Adultswim. I need to find this.

You will not regret it.

infinite zest
Holy shit. It's available on hulu in North America. I have to go somewhere but I almost want to cancel my plans like it wouldn't be there tomorrow. There's something incredibly cute about Australians speaking French but that's literally all I saw. It's like if Iron Sky and NTSF decided to have kids with Get Smart.. I don't even know. Fucking amazing. And I don't even have to steal it! Then again, I wouldn't mind if these people came after me if you know what I mean. But they have fish to fry. HITLERFISH! Seriously this is everything I love in a show, and it's been about a year since I could say this about anything since True Detective.

Adham Nu'man
The guy also directed Italian Spiderman.

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
I've found out about every show Ive watched in past few years from this site.
The Australian channel that airs Danger 5 has delayed its premiere because of "recent ISIS activities".
infinite zest
I read that too. I wonder if FX is going to handle Archer with the same respect. Short answer, probably not.

infinite zest
One of the reasons why I actually checked out Gangster Squad (great movie by the way) is that they delayed it because of the Batman shooting, ruining its chances at typical summer blockbuster success. There's a pivotal scene that's very Dillinger-esque in a movie theatre, but really doesn't spoil anything. Having not seen a single episode of this (yet) I really respect that decision, and in a way I'd almost enforce it if I had the chance.

Oh no we're momentarily reminded that we're all addicted to violent murderporn.

There's something I find interesting about the guy who plays Hitler. He doesn't need to be in on the show's concept. Hitler is the most famous person on the planet. Hitler is Hitler. Hitler IS. "What's my character's history?" "He's Hitler." "What's his personality?" "Hitler." "What's his motivation?" "To be Hitler."
The Mothership
So judging by the title font and other factors they're doing a goofy twist on 80's style film and television like how season one features WWII and pulp style adventures as put through a filter of the goofier 1960's spy-fi and such entertainments. Which I am incredibly interested in.
How can I describe this...I just binged this show. I rarely laughed out loud, but I had a sustained sense of absolute delight throughout. It's like it's something other than humor that makes it appeal to me. I don't know, does that make sense? Anyway, I love it. Thanks poetv for turning me on to yet another gem.
It's called "fun". It's something most movies and many tv shows lack.

I want to have a good time like this.
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