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Desc:Graham Kerr tries to tell us stories and cook while clearly intoxicated
Category:Educational, Humor
Tags:Drunk, joke, amazing, graham kerr, the galloping gourmet
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Comment count is 20
infinite zest
Well, if it was me and I was drunk, I'd be typing this comment with my feet.
the casual racism at 7:17 is impressive.

what racism?

his attempt at Hokkien is like a proto ching chong ling long.

And no need to make fun of your former colony, a colony you failed to protect against the Japanese.

I really hope Scotland separates.

It's more like overt racism.

A capable and functioning drunk.
I have one of his cookbooks. It is an adventure in meat and butter.
I have one of his later ones. He tries to sell you on a concoction he's invented out of vegetable matter and flour that is supposed to replace meat entirely, and acts as if tofu doesn't exist. He even sold little molds and presses for it.

Graham Kerr is amazing. He's been on TV for decades doing nothing but tell jokes, one right after another. Yet, not a single joke he has ever told is funny. He's like the Garfield comic strip.
infinite zest
Funny or not, I'd take this over.. well.. everything on the Food Network show these days. Not that I really watch it, but it pops up once in a while. The last one I watched religiously was Iron Chef. The original. Because I could still get a pretty good look at what they were doing and try to replicate some recipes (which never really worked out, but I do make a badass vegan Bibimbap (purists feel free to point out that it's an edible oxymoron)) and a few other things. But now all shows have seemingly adopted this America's Top Model, American Idol, whatever, even Iron Chef style that's very time-based and the food itself seems peripheral. You tune in because they're traveling to a restaurant your friend works at, or to see if there's going to be a fight between two contestants. Here, I could watch the whole thing and go ahead and make it if I wanted to. You're right, his jokes are Garfield quality at best but I miss these sorts of shows. Shows about food that make me hungry.

Graham Kerr was Liberace. Julia Child was Pete Seeger.

Keep going! Who was Dylan? Who was Bowie? Gene Simmons?

Jeff Smith was Gary Glitter.
Wolfgang Puck was Chris DeBurgh.
Gordon Ramsay is U2.
Guy Fieri is the guy from Smash Mouth.

That's not fair, Guy Fieri is actually the guy from Smash Mouth.

Paula Deen is the Insane Clown Posse.

infinite zest
Adam Richman would be David Bowie, because he ate everyone else.

Alton Brown is Sting

The Mothership
Dude that bell pepper is rotten.
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