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Desc:A television making a humming noise is definitive proof of super-secret government mind control tech
Category:Crime, Science & Technology
Tags:, mind control, conspiracy, tinfoil, wake up sheeple
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Comment count is 8
It's hard to take a TI seriously when they can't even spell HAARP properly.
I'm assuming you're being sarcastic in not knowing the difference between DARPA and HAARP, but I'll leave this link here anyway.


Not that I actually believe DARPA has anything to do with making televisions hum. Just checking Google, there seems to be a multitude of reasons why televisions hum, from cheaply made Chinese TVs not being grounded properly to altitude affecting high-end plasma sets (will hum above 6500 feet). Maybe the television in this case is picking up interference from the camera itself.

I'm not a television electronics engineer but it's been my observation over the past decade or so that televisions, in general, actually hum a lot less than they did when I was a kid, mainly due to the elimination of the cathode ray tube but also because of advances in audio. But malfunctioning televisions can still hum, and, of the many reasons why they would make a humming noise, I'm guessing "to hypnotize the population into not caring" is right at the bottom of the list. Anyway, binaurals with subliminals work way better than humming frequencies for MK-ULTRA purposes (just kidding).

I wasn't being sarcastic, nor was I referring to you.

From the video's description on YouTube: "It is possible via Harp tech and a lethargic dumbed down public."

Oh, sorry, I didn't see that in his description. I don't think I read it, to be honest.

I didn't think you were referring to me directly, though.

Oh, wait, I did see the "go watch Mike and Molly" part of the description, but that is because it's closest to the short link I had to copy to post it here.

The % of these people that aren't suffering from mental illness are probably suffering from electricity radiation.
I assume you mean "electromagnetic radiation" and that you're being goofy, since that's pretty much horseshit as well.

Sanest Man Alive
If these people were living under power lines or radio/cellular towers, I'd have expected another 20,000 videos apiece about how the antennas are making them smelly and stealing their blood cells or something.

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