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Desc:college pranks
Category:News & Politics, Horror
Tags:pranks, Mummy, local news, Wesleyan
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Jet Bin Fever
Absolutely hilarious. I love that this is ripped from a VHS too.
The Mothership
Oh wow, I have a job interview at Wesleyan tomorrow!

This is amazing. And ridiculously disrespectful and destructive.

Also: mummy clause.

Also: unwrapping the mummy mystery.

Also: mullet.
No shit, really? This Wesleyan? Middletown, CT Wesleyan?

Mind if ask what position? I will not stalk you, I'm just wondering because I used to go there, and also worked there. Either way, good luck!

It's weird seeing Wesleyan students with mullets.

The Mothership
Yes, that Wesleyan. I'd rather keep anonymous, if its all the same EvilHomer, I trust you but I do not trust the rest of the interwebs. Is it a good place to work?

No problem. It's a fun place, for faculty at least. I worked at Atticus (the bookstore/cafe) and I hated my job, but the teachers and administrators all seemed to like theirs.

Wesleyan's a really progressive, politically conscious place; you probably know that already, but it's worth pointing out. (voted the "Second Best School In The Country for Potheads" by High Times Magazine!) Great film department, lots of interesting characters, and very solid academics; it's not as pretentious and stuffy as Yale or Princeton, but it still looks great on a resume. The campus is nice, the town is... well, Middletown's got personality. Not sure if you're familiar with the area, but it's pretty evenly split between rich yuppies, rich hippies, working poor, and homeless crack heads (the state's primary mental health/ drug rehab complex is only a few miles away, so it's a Mecca for people with eccentricities). Not much crime, though, thanks to good cops and a long-standing Mafia tradition. There are lots of great ethnic restaurants downtown (Thai, Indian, Tibetan, Middle Eastern, you name it it's there), and there's always some interesting artsy/cultural stuff going on somewhere, be it either on campus or at one of the various galleries/ coffeeshops/ Buddhist temples nearby. Middletown's not a big city by any stretch, but it has a very cosmopolitan atmosphere, and it's a good deal cleaner than most other places in central CT (*cough cough Hartford cough cough Meriden*)

Just be careful of the mummies.

Oscar Wildcat
Good Luck, Mothership! Do jump up on your chair at some point and spout on about siezing days and captains and whatnot. They like that sort of thing.

The Mothership
That totally sounds like my vibe, I'm from Portland so I appreciates me the weirdos.

Tim was pretty chill about the the wrap up of the whole affair. All stars for the use of "investigative reporting" to get to the bottom of this prank including shadow face interview and ambushing the science center with a camera crew.
That guy
Too many things to comment on.
Instant classic.
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