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Desc:All the movie needed was more booty bass. From the guys who did the Throne Room dub.
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:Star Wars, dub, long and sweet
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That guy
I gotta stick to my star wars policy.
That's a silly policy. Even stuff that's making fun of it? That doesn't make sense.

Wrong move this time. This thing practically turned ep 2 into a fond memory for me.

10:09 to 11:15 deserves some starts.

That guy
I'm just so tired of all these star wars.

This is actually so shit that I can't bring myself to pretend it's any good.

This is brilliant and you're a grump.

The C3PO sub plot is better than anything that happened in the second trilogy.
Maggot Brain
really. This succeeds and making Obi Wan and Anakin's friendship believable and the factory seance memorable.

My brain is doing its best to accept this version as canon.
Mother Lumper
This is canon.

infinite zest
It's good, about as funny as the anime abridged things. It's really a four star but gets the extra one for R2's last line.
This is less "wacky dub" and more "how to make this film enjoyable".
7:32 - Anakin suffers from Torgo Hand.

That entire bit, starting with the dual lightsabers and ending with the electric guitar riff, was the first time I've laughed out loud at something in weeks.

So incredibly stupid, but hilarious.

This is the most I've ever seen of the movie. How much budget did they have for that compositing again? it's just astonishing how bad it is, the interaction between effects and people is faker looking than Flesh Gordon.

The recut's pretty good, I like well crafted fart jokes.

The lightsaber fight with 98 year old Christopher Lee was a lowpoint even by prequel standards. When it wasn't an obvious CGI model of him, they just cut back and forth between closeups of of Hyaden and Lee waving their arms in front of their faces, never making contact with anything or showing both combatants at the same time.

People say the original trilogy fights were slower and boring, but at least it looked like Luke was actually trying to murder Vader.

This is the director's cut that should have been.
Juice Eggs McKenna
At least the third best thing to happen as a result of the prequels
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