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Desc:A VHS based light gun game for the defunct Action Max Console.
Category:Video Games, Crime
Tags:.38 Ambush Alley, shooting gallery, light gun, Action Max, console
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you got him. take our word for it. man, what kids could do with a little imagination way back when
Meatsack Jones
Actually the gun did record hits from the light beam hitting the flash targets, just not very well.
I like how the tape quality means it's basically impossible to tell what you should shoot.
God damn mannequin gangs on Pepper and Pearl. They move into a good neirghborhood and this happens.
Why would you hold an umbrella like a gun during a shootout, anyway?
So cheap, they didn't even write the whole word "ACADEMY" on the sign at the beginning.


It stops at "ACADE".
anguish alley.
2:53 groceries AND a gun!

These targets sure are in weird places--the stomach, shoulder, one woman you were apparently supposed to shoot in the uterus!
As a kid, I'd have been fooled into thinking this was somehow superior to the NES. I would have been wrong.
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