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Desc:submitted for greg graffins dadly stage prescense
Category:Educational, Religious
Tags:Punk, Old People, bad religion, x games, greg graffin
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Comment count is 6
lotsmoreorcs - 2014-09-29
"i'm gonna take a little break here and towel off the old forehead"
infinite zest - 2014-09-29
Austin in the summertime means that the water turns to sweat immediately after you get out of a swimming pool. I haven't really thought about BR in 14 years or so, since the time I got to interview them at e3 for this Sega website I was working with at the time. One question about the game and the rest turned into a discussion about punk rock. I sat backstage and they killed it, opening for Blink 182, who literally could not play their own songs. They were never my cup of tea musically- to me they are to punk what the Old 97s are to alt-country, but it's awesome to see that they can still kill it, even though Graffin does look like a dad. How much are you willing to bet that most of the kids were born after Generator came out?
lotsmoreorcs - 2014-09-29
i love BR although their more recent output has been a tad unfortunate and over-produced, this is submitted with love. what does everyone think of the resurgence of the punk rock reunion tour? seems like everyone from X, All, Swingin Utters, Refused, Turbonergo and more are finding touring opportunities due to the internet house punks

infinite zest - 2014-09-29
I always lamented the fact that I wasn't old enough to see bands like X at the Masque or the Long Goodbye, or the Wipers for that matter (my favorite band in the world, for the record) so when X reunited in 2006 or something I was first in line for tickets. They opened for Rollins Band and they didn't sound very polished. I love Henry Rollins as a person and as Black Flag, but his solo stuff.. I left early. A few years later, I saw them again, and instead of an opening band they just showed the documentary The Unheard Music, which I thought was pretty self-masturbatory but that time they killed it.

If the Wipers were to get back together, which at this point would probably sell out the soccer stadium in Portland, I'm not sure what I'd think. But they won't, and in a way I respect that. I never got to see them, but I run into Sam (the drummer) all the time at a bar, and he's doing his own thing now. Same with John Doe or Exene, or Stephen Malkmus. I did get to see Pavement once, but would I see them again? Not sure. Turbonegro's a different story: Helvete was my Brockie, and while he's not dead, he's certainly not in the band (unless there's something I don't know?)

I guess I think it's OK, with some provisos: Replacements? Not cool - half of your original members are dead, and everything after Pleased to Meet Me sucked anyway. X? Sure: Besides Manzarek, who wasn't "officially" in the band, you're still a full band. Pixies without Deal? Well, listen to the new album. Cause It sucks. Given the state of new music these days, I think it's cool to see the next generation being exposed to live bands whose members are probably 3 times their age. Your dad's music didn't suck after all, did it?

yogarfield - 2014-10-04
^ orcs

Punk's not dead, just comatose and bald and gently flopping all over youtube until there's enough money for a string of stages and a comfy tourbus.

Mother_Puncher - 2014-09-29
Greg Graffin's twin brother has a magnificent head of hair. Oh that hair
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