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Desc:don't get cocky, it's gonna get rocky
Tags:onion, Chopping
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infinite zest
Awesome. I think by the time this video was over, I might be halfway through one onion, and I've spent a long time doing prep in the past. I'd really like to see a challenge between this dude and that new machine that chops really fast. That includes turning the machine on, loading in the onions, etc. vs. this dude just going at it. I'll bet homeboy would win.
Binro the Heretic
Or he would chop so hard he burst his heart.

There are a number of other videos that claim to teach you to to "hack" cutting an onion:

http://lifehacker.com/5284827/how-to-slice-and-dice-an-onion-l ike-a-pro

This guy could walk into one those videos, stare into the eyes of everyone in that kitchen, and leave them all crying into their hands as they wonder what they have been doing with their lives.
How is learning the proper way to do something from a trained professional a "hack" exactly? Fucking stop using that word dickheads, it's OUR word and you're cheapening the meaning.

infinite zest
Also, isn't that how EVERYBODY does it already?

oh god I just looked at the front page of lifehacker for the first time in years and holy shit it's gotten dumb

I mean years ago the only useful "hack" I ever got from it (which I still use to this day) is keeping your bed linens together by using the pillow case as a container for the rest of them

now it's like "how to face your encroaching ennui with grace and charisma" and "here's the best 0 backpack to carry your iPad in"

I'm impressed.

Instead of learning to do this I just bought a food processor last week.
I thought he was chopping Fox News right up until the end.
He cried 3 gallons of onion flavoured tears while doing this.
He still has all his fingers, and an oddly apathetic look on his face. I guess when you've been doing nothing but chopping onions your whole life it gets stale.
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