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Category:Science & Technology, Business
Tags:90s, Internet, the future, web 1.0, Motion Graphics
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infinite zest
I don't know if the people in Vatican Library and the Dinosaurs in Hawaii would get along so well.
The vatican may have something to do with the missing children...

Shanghai Tippytap
what was just sold at me
The future, my friend. The future.

HARD left on the alignment, there, Bob.
Boomer The Dog
At first I thought they didn't have tables then, but I saw a comment form at one point with what looked like tables, and a centered graphic on another page.

I notice that margins are really small, but at the time I think some screens were probably 80 characters wide. It's easier on the eyes to read text in a narrow column, so pages do much the same today, some with huge margins on wide screens, like PoETV here.

When I got on line in late 1997, sites were much the same text-wise, but with upgrades like backgrounds, animated gifs, and horizontal section-divider graphics, like construction tape and things like that.


Kid Fenris
I reject this low deadly worse-than-a-farce parroting puppet gangster frankenstein eyesight computer god future!
we had a DECstation in my high school, running Mosaic. I mostly used it to telnet into MUDs and grief on them until I got banned.
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