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Desc:in whole or in part
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Horror
Tags:tracy morgan, walmart, truck driver, 1:06, he could have totally walked that off
Submitted:il fiore bel
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Comment count is 19
lawyers give lawyers a bad name.

though I will enjoy watching walmart's PR team squirming later on.
The Mothership
Yes, squirming on a bed full of money and beautiful ladies.

Rodents of Unusual Size
A bed with bedbugs. And the ladies all have herpes.

Binro the Heretic
You'd think Wallyworld would want this to go away quickly and quietly.
I'd completely forgotten about this until their statement.

infinite zest
Yeah. I can't even find the article, but I recall a story back in the 90s where someone was killed by improperly stacked merchandise, and they continued to air the "falling prices" commercials with the smiley face cutting the big numbers that crash on the ground. I think it was also fodder for late night TV jokes. The whole thing was horrible, and it's sad to think that it's just a fuzzy memory now, as someone lost their life because of employee negligence, or possible overworking. But that was just "someone" most of us didn't know until the incident. Morgan's pretty much a household name and I assume knows a lot of pretty important people who could potentially bring Wal Mart down for this.

Wallyworld doesn't care. They're getting their gal Hillary into the White House in a couple years time and to hell with what the rest of us think of them. What are we gonna do, anyways? Shop at Target instead?

While she did sit on the WalMart board for six years and did her book slinging at their Virginia slum, wanting to be worshipped as Tarzania Queen of America requires that she instead bestow her divine glory unto Costco, so that is what she is now into. Somehow, her voting base (warmongers and potheads) think Costco is better, probably because it was featured in Idiocracy.

infinite zest
All things considered, Costco's not that bad. They seem to treat their employees better, with better benefits and more local farm products, and they're well on the way to unionization. That peace of mind is great when I really need a 32-pack of toilet paper and a ten gallon jar of dill pickles. Mmmmmm...

If Walmart stores had better fire suppressant systems, it wouldn't be so easy to burn them down. Therefore, Walmart is responsible in whole or in part for the flame damages of the fires that I set at Walmarts.
John Holmes Motherfucker
This is how they keep their prices low. By fucking people.
infinite zest
"The plaintiff's injuries, if any.."

holy shit zest I missed that

jesus christ walmart

infinite zest
So.. call me a Luddite (I don't drive much) but is there any way to tell if someone was wearing a seatbelt or not given an impact like that?
Rodents of Unusual Size
Who the hell wears a seat belt in a limo?

infinite zest
Oh yeah! Hadn't thought of that. I've only been in one limo (weird story) but I recall asking where the seatbelt was, as I just have that instinct and the driver said the person I was with told me that limos don't have seatbelts in the back. Furthermore, the "buckle-up" law doesn't apply to busses, taxicabs, or limos. So really, what they're saying is "Morgan should not have been in a limo."

Stay classy, Walmart.

"Limos don't have seatbelts."
"So, this is a flaming death rocket for stupid rich people with no sense of personal safety?"

If only you and Tracy had asked... if only...

Brave Tracy is fighting to recover. And also he wants ca$hmunnay. Fucking please. Doesn't he have respect for the people who actually died? I guess it's hard to have empathy when you're a multi-millionaire actor.
Wear your seatbelt maybe, retard?
That guy
O sweet, sweet troll, what glinty shits shine in thine eyes!

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