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Desc:The Hollywood Talent Manager in Los Angeles Wendy Alane Wright
Category:Business, Horror
Tags:watch your favorite voomies, nick bravo, Wendy Alane Wright, fright wig, stay close
Submitted:That guy
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Comment count is 16
Miss Henson's 6th grade class
Three seconds to the first malapropism. "Watch your favorite voomies" is the best tag ever.
That guy
I've been hoping to fit something to that tag and about 5 other inactive tags for years.

The Mothership
Well hell, guess I'll take my dance act somewhere else then, bitch.
Seems full of sincerity, devoid of discernment. Deadly combination.

I've missed some of the Bravo saga, care to explain the tag?
See recent Nick Bravo submission on front page.
This is his "manager."
He has said that he has an "agent," and now we know that what he meant by that is that he is paying a woman to fill him with hot air.

oh my gawd

You remember that Pateron/ Kickstarter thing Nick was doing a little while back? This lady is why he's been e-begging for thousands of dollars to help cover his "acting career basics". He's the bottom rung of a pyramid scheme and he's too stupid to get out of it.

Here is her website: http://www.secretsofahollywoodtalentmanager.com/#!

"Seems full of sincerity, devoid of discernment."

I've been looking for a way to describe my new co-worker to people. This, right here. It's a bit terrifying.

I love how on her page it says "1.4m" next to her Youtube channel subscribers, but in actuality she has 2,855.

That site is a browser clogger. NoScript glossolalia'd up an Exorcist amount of blockage, and then when I allowed it I was assaulted by even more along with autoplaying videos and a four micron scroll bar.

Never have your site made by Wix, apparently.

Being repeatedly overcome by hysterical laughter is ecstatic. For a solid ten minutes after watching this video, every time I read the 'fright wig' tag and looked at the preview image, I was overcome. I was in tears. Thanks.
Oh shit, I just realized: I watched this video, but it was the preview image of the other video + fright wig that made me nearly black out from laughter.

That guy
I aim to please.

Jet Bin Fever
You don't have to be a body language expert to know that she's lying about every single thing in this video.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Her words promise sweetness but her eyes promise many nights of emptiness followed up by vomiting into a toilet.

I think she writes fake reviews praising herself on her facebook page. What a sad thing to fall for. Nick is such a salami nugget.
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