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Desc:Either way, Roger wins.
Category:Pets & Animals
Tags:Australia, kangaroo, brutal, the outback, smack down
Submitted:infinite zest
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Comment count is 13
Binro the Heretic
Minus stars for terrible choice of music.

Everyone knows fighting animals should have the fight theme from the episode "Amok Time" of Star Trek, the original series, playing over it.
infinite zest

The Mothership
I never realized until now that they kick using their tails like that. Got a lot of power with that thing....

Also what the hell is that doofy-looking ranch-wagon? Companies are making more of these now?
Robin Kestrel
They are called coupé utilities or "utes" and have always remained popular in Australia, where the body style originated.

infinite zest
At first I thought you were referring to that trailer on the right with wheels in the middle. How exactly is that a good idea?!? But the Volvo thingy, I kind of like the design actually. I don't drive much but when I do it's usually my parents' Volvo, so I'm biased, but it's really easy to maneuver, something I rarely experience when I have to drive full size pick up trucks.

Aussies, am I right?

Also, these things are sleepy/sleeping most of the day and are only active at dawn and dusk due to heat and cold in the Aussie desert. So this guy likely woke up to these two drunk Aussies on his lawn.
infinite zest
More likely, the Aussie woke up drunk on his lawn and hallucinated so hard that it became a video.


Get it? Because kangaroos.

Give em some milk
Until now, I'd only seen this in cartoons.
American Standard
Kangaroos, especially the males, are strong, mean, dangerous critters. You can't see the claws on the ends of their toes really well here, but they can disembowel ya with 'em.

And the lady roos, if pursued by a predator? They dump the joeys out of their pouches like a lizard dropping its tail.

Five stars for awful animals.
So, this is the new Lars von Trier...
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