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Desc:He's my spirit animal. You can't jail my spirit animal.
Category:Accidents & Explosions, News & Politics
Tags:Mayor, raspy narration, FEDSMOKER
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Comment count is 15
Oscar Wildcat
The ladies all swoon when Fed's in the room.
Without a doubt the best Batman.
It's like Dale Gribble fusion merged with Bill Dauterive.
And five Lone Stars.

infinite zest
I get more of a real-life Rorschach vibe.

I was thinking Marv from Sin City, actually.

Woah... They impounded the Fed's Dark Knight Fedmobile??
blue vein steel
yeah, he only has the Fedcycle in some of his videos

Adham Nu'man
Jet Bin Fever
I love him, but I would be terrified if we ever crossed paths. I hope that I would have the foresight to just say something about the police and mayor's office being corrupt and criminals to win him over then we get our picture together and I can run away.
For a little while he was posting videos from my city. I tried to find him and checked some of the homeless camps he was posting videos of, because I wanted to interview him and get some shots of the Fedsmoker. Sadly, I did not find him.

Maybe I'm crazy, but I wanted to ride around with him and SMOKE FEDS

Jet Bin Fever
Actually, that does sound pretty cool. I think he might be pleased if you wanted to film him, afterall his whole thing is SMOKING FEDs like you said. That requires a lot of filmed rants to do.

Prickly Pete
Sounds to be a close relative to Ken Kaniff from the Eminem albums.
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