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Mr. Purple Cat Esq. - 2014-10-17

Looks a lot less scary than I had imagined based on 19th century drawings of people riding them.
Still would be ultra-dangerous on modern roads with cars pedestrians etc.

Potrod - 2014-10-17

The whole time I was thinking, "Oh yeah, but how's he gonna stop and get off?!" and then went "Oh."

DrVital - 2014-10-17

I saw one at 5th & Mission in SF once. Car roofs, it seems, can make a good alternative to stepping down.

The Mothership - 2014-10-17

That neighborhood. Ugh.

misterbuns - 2014-10-17

You can get past your prejudice.

xennui - 2014-10-17

It ain't prejudice, that neighborhood is butt-ugly.

Old_Zircon - 2014-10-17

Normcore Steampunk.

Old_Zircon - 2014-10-17

I'm going to have to steal one of the related videos.

Robin Kestrel - 2014-10-17

My other bike is a velocipede-filled vagina.

OxygenThief - 2014-10-17

Sir, it has come to my attention that my other mode of conveyance closely resembles the matron of your residence.

Rafiki - 2014-10-17

Those who doubt me suck cock by choice.

infinite zest - 2014-10-17

All things considered, the guy in the related video at the end riding his in the middle of London traffic is far more badass than this guy, but if nothing else, I learned what these bikes are called. I just called them "Old Timey Bikes."

Needtodestroy - 2014-10-17

Ain't give a damn.

Boomer The Dog - 2014-10-18

I didn't know people still rode these. I remember them well as a symbol in The Prisoner.


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