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Desc:She seems pretty reasonable.
Category:Video Games
Tags:nerds, calebhart42
Submitted:Yellow Lantern
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Comment count is 16
Ah, the follies of youth.
"It's important to me that my son doesn't sound like a prick" is a salient point. Unfortunately, she would have to write that down, affix it to a Ninja Arrow, and shoot him in the heart for her to have any chance of killing his prickness.
He is obsessed with all the wrong games.

Let ninja gaiden go, child. Let it go.

Caminante Nocturno
A true ninja knows better than to sound like a prick.
Things ninjas should sound like;

"Just the wind"

"Probably some cat"

"You're just imagining things"

That guy
"Ok, but- you're not my mother."

This is so much better than I thought it would be.
So did he ever get his chocolate milk or is that still unresolved?
Mountain Dew :/

Does anyone know how old this guy is?
Wow, I'm surprised that only half the youtube comments think she's a bitch.
I really don't see how she's a bitch. She's just being a mom.

Hell at least she gives a damn how her [man]child talks to strangers online. That's more than can be said about most parents you hear over mics in online game streams.

Seems like a pretty damn good mom to me.

So speaking of video games, I kinda hit a lull and don't have anything to play atm. I am gonna wait a bit before I try Styx: Master of Shadows but it looks super fun to me. I have never played any of the Dark Souls games and have been wanting to pick them up recently. Q: Should I skip the first one and dive right into #2? Will I miss any storyline?
Dwarf Fortress

WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS STREAMING SHIT!?!? (more like steaming, right?)

Professionals you might want to watch for their honed skills, maybe I guess, whatever. But this semi-skilled (at best) BULLSHIT?? Why? Just fucking WHY!? Why watch this? What possible reason could I have to for watching this dumb motherfucko play a videogame I don't care about in a completely uninteresting, half-assed way?!?

I just can't fucking understand, this is WORSE THAN GOLF, BITCHES.
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