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Desc:a bearded labeouf recounts his arrest on broadway
Category:Classic TV Clips, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Jimmy Kimmel, beard, whiskey, bro, Shia LaBeouf
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Comment count is 30
When is he going to make a Depeche Mode already?
When is he going to go away already?
Who did he blow or what dirt did his agent have on studio heads to get into EVERY major role for 5 years?

Or was everyone just so impressed with his performance in Holes?
I'd sling some stars for the absurdity of a Holes reference, but I really want this to stay unrated forever.

He RUINED three Transformers movies and Indiana Jones 4!

That guy
fucking Hooker

Adham Nu'man
Do you realize what you are saying? He ruined TRANSFORMERS?!?

Transformers dude... Fucking transformers....

infinite zest
In a way Hooker's right. I'll admit I saw it for free at one of my sister theatres, and was pretty high, but I kind of liked the first Transformers. Just one problem: some hyperactive overacting trying-to-be-funny prettyboy ruined every scene he was in. Indiana Jones 4 was doomed from the start though.

Let's be honest, Volkswagon ruined Transformers.

Let's be honest. Transformers was doomed from the start.

He ruined everything he was ever in. Some of it was already ruined.

That guy
that's better


That guy
I can't rate this.
Maggot Brain
Uhg... Go back to crying in a paper bag.
This is the story of a man that every single economic class and walk of life rejected unanimously in a single night.

A bearded labeouf sounds like a sex crime that is paradoxically only legal in Afghanistan. Like it's a part of Shia Law.
The Mothership
At no point in this story does he have any friends drinking with him.

I noticed that. He seems like a profoundly unhappy person. I bet the homeless guy even has drinking buddies, as do the cops, the cabaret actors, the other prisoners, and Jimmy Kimmel.

Oscar Wildcat
He's been fighting with his brother, Sunni LaBeouf for what seems like ages now.

infinite zest
In a way I feel kind of bad for him. He was already the thorn in most mens' side, as your girlfriend wished you were him, and while not a great young actor, was at least capable of acting himself out of a paper bag. So then the plagiarism thing comes along, and I'll bet that 90% of his fan/haterbase had no clue who Daniel Clowes even was before that. So I kind of respected his decision to be "done with acting." Of course, Fury is coming to a theatre near you this Friday..

Whose girlfriend wants him? He's too much of a doof to be attractive.

infinite zest
Attractive doofs have been en vogue for a while now. Michael Cera, James McAvoy, Chris Pratt,

Adham Nu'man
^ ***** for Oscar Wildcat.

The thing is though, the whole LaBeouf family are just a bunch of Shiites.
infinite zest
Yeah ***** for Oscar. That went right by me.

Hey, I made the Shia Law joke first, assholes.


Agreed, memedumpster FTW on finding a way to get Shia Law in there.

Adham Nu'man
Isis what you did there.

infinite zest
Meme that one went right by me too. ***** for both of you

I'm a bit torn seeing this. I actually enjoyed this story- him portraying himself as a kind of yokel. I also had the feeling this was heavily-prepped by a publicist too. Also, generally I tend to hate seeing him on screen but I also feel bad for him for not being able to have the creativity or cleverness to impress critics. He seems to know he isn't a consummate artist and is haunted by trying to affect quirk as a kind of cover through the Clows plagiarism and beyond.
Rodents of Unusual Size
I think of him as what Wil Wheaton could have become if Wil Wheaton were not self aware. And crazy.

But I won't trash him because he has obvious mental illness issues. I think he's bipolar and if everyone wants to get upset over these ridiculous stunts of his, believe me when I say it could be so much worse.
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