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Desc:Timeline explained in three and a half minutes
Category:Science & Technology, Educational
Tags:physics, Big Bang, singularity, higgs boson
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Comment count is 6
exy - 2014-10-16
for "almost infinite"

Yeah, there's like infinity minus one alternate universes.
Oscar Wildcat - 2014-10-16
for the obsession with the first few picoseconds of the big bang, when in fact the elephant in the room is the time immediately _preceding_ the big bang. Hawkings once famously opined that asking about that is like asking "what's a mile north of the north pole" which is kind of satisfying until you realize that the ex-nihilo creation of all this matter is basically the doings of a God.

What I find actually terrifying is the thought that, lacking any divinity to get the ball rolling, this is a cyclic process and has no beginning or end.. That's very hard to grasp.
exy - 2014-10-16
No, Oscar, that cycle too is almost infinite. In fact it is the exact same number of elephants supporting the earth. Aleph negative one.

jaunch - 2014-10-16
Having a god get everything rolling only begs the question, "okay, then where did that god come from? Why does he have that power? What type of matter is he made of? Did he evolve, or was created? If created, then who created HIM?"

Having a god in the universe just raises more questions; it doesn't answer a single one.

exy - 2014-10-16
Including the question: and what's so special about his opinion anyway?

That guy - 2014-10-16
jaunch, we created God so He could create the universe and give us somewhere to keep our stuff
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