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ashtar. - 2014-10-18

The adorable quaint englishness is off the charts.

oddeye - 2014-10-19

England is forever the best and don't any of you motherfucking colonials forget it.

EvilHomer - 2014-10-19

England is indeed a glorious land, most blessed by Allah, glory be unto Him.

glasseye - 2014-10-19

England is indeed awesome, pity it's filled with the wankers known as the English.

ashtar. - 2014-10-19

Nice teeth.

yogarfield - 2014-10-19


baleen - 2014-10-19

I love the scouser accent.

Needtodestroy - 2014-10-19

Does she sell newspapers on a corner?

Old People - 2014-10-19

That was my first thought. She dresses like the accent.

baleen - 2014-10-19

Consida yaself, one uv us! Consida yaself, one uv the famaloy.

oswaldtheluckyrabbit - 2014-10-20

Clean as a whistle, sharp as a thistle, best in all Westminster, yeah!

EvilHomer - 2014-10-20

Can you people not tell the difference between scouse and cockney?!

Ghoul - 2014-10-20

Add some rough facial stubble to her...


Alfie Allen.

Simillion - 2014-10-20

I like her.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2014-10-22

I want her to be on Downton Abbey as the plucky new girl.

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