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Desc:Second episode of the 'L'-series. The first episode was kind of a dog but this one's pretty good.
Category:Humor, Classic TV Clips
Tags:stephen fry, QI, Alan Davies, johnny vegas, panel show
Submitted:Innocent Bystander
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Comment count is 13
jreid - 2014-10-17
Always 5 for QI.

Also if you like this stuff definitely check out the QI podcast No Such Thing As a Fish. It's fantastic.
baleen - 2014-10-17
I am kind of a British panel show slut.
I also enjoy Would I Lie to You and Was It Something I Said? As well as Mitchell's radio show, The Unbelievable Truth, which is pretty much just a QI ripoff.

yogarfield - 2014-10-17
So Wrong it's Right is pretty good.

That guy - 2014-10-17
One of my acquaintances watches this to go to sleep.
He definitely likes the show, it just also puts him to sleep.

Anyway, solid episode.
Bort - 2014-10-17
Relaxing and soothing. Like how Sci-Fi used to air MST3K on Saturday mornings; after a long work week I would be stressed out and still not rested by the morning, but then I'd put on MST3K, which would relax me into falling asleep 20 minutes in.

MST3K is a non-habit-forming sleep aid ... except for the habit of shouting "Slab Squatthrust!" any time you see a blond muscular guy.

yogarfield - 2014-10-17
The side effect profile for MST3K also includes Permanent Back-of-the-Classroom Snarkery.

Potrod - 2014-10-17
My favorite panelists, Rob Brydon and Sean Lock, haven't appeared since I and J, respectively, which is a bummer.
oddeye - 2014-10-17
Fuck Stephen Fry and fuck you if you like him.
Cube - 2014-10-18
You'd have to be pretty gay to fuck him. And a man.

baleen - 2014-10-18

eat some lentils and settle down, neil.

oddeye - 2014-10-18
No you don't, you could be a bisexual transsexual and still fuck him if you strap it on prison style. Also sex does not have to be penetration or even consensual really.

Motherfucking squares.

Cube - 2014-10-18
Fucking a dude is pretty gay even if you're a bisexual man.

oddeye - 2014-10-18
Why does that even matter? Stephen Fry can get fucked by a raging stallion for all I care. I hate him. Fuck you.

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