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Bort - 2014-10-18

The only person I could imagine singing this better is Napoleon XIV. Just change up the lyrics to this:


CrimsonHyperSloth - 2014-10-18

I've heard him a few times working with ScottBradleyLovesYa, the postmodern jukebox is awesome. If you search poetv for the ragtime keyboard/piuano guy. Same guy. Small world.

infinite zest - 2014-10-18

Awesome. His wikipedia says he went on tour with the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Live thing, which makes me kinda regret not going now.

All things considered, this is probably the second best cover of this song that I can think of (you can probably guess the first.) A little off-topic, but has anyone else noticed a huge resurgence in this song in the last year or so? Like, not Cohen in general, just this song. I swear that at least half a dozen bands I've seen live recently have covered it, and half of my facebook friends have posted the song within the last couple of weeks. Nothing wrong with that- it's a beautiful song, and I'll admit to being one of those kids who first heard the original during Shrek and thought it was a cover of a Jeff Buckley song and not the other way around (forgive me, I was in high school and these things weren't as easy to figure out back then.) It's a great song but it's far from his best, at least in my opinion (Famous Blue Raincoat, The Partisan and So Long Marianne immediately come to mind but there's many more.) Cohen's Halleluiah may be his most universal song, which makes it the best one to cover.. I dunno.

But yay for Cohen fever, for whatever reason I like it. Next to Zevon he's my favorite. Around the same time as I saw this, a friend of mine who works at the library sent me this:


yogarfield - 2014-10-19

Great voice.

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