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Category:Cartoons & Animation, Humor
Tags:David Bowie, brian eno, low, behind the music, oblique strategies
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Comment count is 17
I think I may be a David Bowie nerd.
me threee. this is very awesome

the real 5 is for the german flag pouring out of eno's ears

infinite zest
In middle school some older kid gave me a cassette of Low on one side and some PiL album I think Metal Box on the other side, telling me they were both Bowie and that Low was Bowie's first album. I believed this until I went to college.
Oscar Wildcat
A friend gave me an "extra" copy of Scary Monsters. He said he had two because he brought the first copy back to the store and convinced them that the record was scratched at the end. I always thought he did scratch it until the late 90's when I bought a CD reissue and there was the scratch at the end (grin).

This fucking rules.
"freeform some impressionistic word decorations"
Binro the Heretic
"It fiddles with the fabric of time."
Oscar Wildcat
That's pretty close to the actual quote.

Kid Fenris
The ending is priceless.
If you haven't seen the "5 Years" documentary yet, go watch it.

SPOILER: It covers 10 years.
Is that really David Bowie? It sounds just like David Bowie. I think it is David Bowie.
The singing gives it away. He's got a great Bowie impersonation, but he can't match his singing voice.

Jet Bin Fever
This is just the greatest thing.
The fourth star is for, "I'm in a scary cave. With bats."

The fifth star is for making me google Derek & Clive and now I have a new favorite thing. Thanks Brian Eno! Thanks PoETV!
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