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Desc:All dogs go to heaven. Except Di. Di is a sinner.
Category:Pets & Animals, Religious
Tags:dog, prayer, WTF Japan, Dogegory, daddy bear
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Comment count is 13
Oscar Wildcat
Cats prey before dinner.
Being in China, this may be their "last supper"

Jet Bin Fever
My dog is a godless heathen bitch.
I vaguely remember praying before dinner as a child. I mean, *I* didn't do it, and no-one in my family did (even my Anglican grandparents, who were the only Christians in our family), because come on, right? But I sort of vaguely remember a few of my friends' parents saying prayers before dinner. I think there were two families in the neighborhood who prayed before dinner, or maybe just one - it was really weird, eating with them, but I think they stopped caring after awhile, because I don't remember seeing anyone pray before dinner since I was at least nine or ten years old. Not even on TV.

Nowadays though, I'm working at the VA, and almost everyone I know is between ten and forty years older than I am. There are a lot of people there who pray before lunch, and it's very disconcerting, because I never know if I should observe a minute of silence or just start eating or what.
God saw I was dog!
Canines of the Corn
Dogma of the Canaanites.

infinite zest
Hey, the person saying the prayer is supposed to have their eyes closed and head down too! Di Di was just testing.
infinite zest
Also who's that poofy fellow on the left? I'd say Labra/Goldendoodle (?) but the tail's too short. Anyway I'm getting my parents a puppy for Christmas because they lost their poodle and I'm doing research. Needs to be hypoallergenic :)
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
This is great, its like a parody of religion. The dogs are just doing what they've been trained to do in order to get food.
Albuquerque Halsey
Dips bedora :DDDDDDDDDDD

Oscar Wildcat
take 'em.

Hmm. When I make dinner for my dog, he runs around, spins in circles, and squeals. I think my dog might need Jesus.
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