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Desc:Perfect Fantasy toilet paper with Pockets, wipe your ass in perfect fantasy like the rich
Category:Advertisements, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:toilet paper, Paper towels, kickstarter
Submitted:Pope Caius
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Comment count is 9
Or you could wash your hands.
Or we could just splash water on our ass like every other civilized country.

Seriously why did bidets never take off here? A cultural hatred of everything French sounding? A powerful paper lobby?

infinite zest
I saw one in a hotel a few years ago in Florida and took a picture, that's how exotic it was to me. Question is, what's the inherent difference between using a bidet and just dropping trou and doing the same thing in the shower (assuming you have a shower with good water pressure, or even better a jet option?) That, and if you have to shit at work, do you just walk out with a wet ass, or do workplace restrooms provide towels? Because I ain't using no paper towels on my shiny metal ass.

That's a water fountain, stop washing your ass with it.

Disposable gants de toilette.

http://www.3suisses.fr/FrontOfficePortail/catalogue_fra/linge- de-maison/linge-de-toilette/gant-de-toilette.html
Forgot the stars!

Jesus that took me to a high resolution mostly shaved panty model page. I mean so high resolution you could see folds and stray pube hairs poking out.


infinite zest
I'll admit that I have emergency dish towels that are strictly for emergencies that I was separately in the tub, etc. but what's the point of a brown one? That's even more cray than the black toilet paper advertised on here.

I was operating under the assumption that this was a hipster prank masterminded by that "Michael Findlay" character, but then I found this:

http://www.prlog.org/11936357-curing-aids-by-bone-marrow-trans plant-was-created-by-michael-findlay-in-2005.html

related video:

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