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Desc:Judd Nelson plays an awful aspiring comedian who grows a third arm.
Category:Classic Movies, Horror
Tags:james caan, bill paxton, judd nelson, Wayne Newton, lara flynn boyle
Submitted:Binro the Heretic
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Comment count is 13
That guy
should be pretty good
glad to see Judd Nelson getting some work again

I like the way they made it look like they made it in the early 90's
Binro the Heretic
The Blump's lady will haunt your dreams.

Oscar Wildcat
Jesus this movie was disturbing. Are you in for a bad trip.

This movie is brilliant. You're in for a great trip.

Bill Paxton is actually amazing in this movie.
I had it on VHS for years, but gave my VHS collection away and haven't seen it since.

Reading the description about a third arm and seeing the odd jitter and sweat at :26, and I assumed that this is a movie about a guy trying to break into comedy, his foil being his uncontrollable third arm that won't stop jacking him off.

I'm going to continue to believe that.
Also this came out 2 years after How to get Ahead in Advertising. Was body-horror comedy a thing in the late 80s / early 90s?

Oscar Wildcat
Yep. In a word, Cronenberg.

I'm asking Body-horror COMEDY. Though I guess a snuff film that makes you grow a vagina in your abdomen is hi-fucking-larious.

Oscar Wildcat
Well, in this movie, his garbageman partner finds a corpse of a woman at the town dump and hides her "for later". So it's apples to oranges then?

Yeah, but there's a comedian involved.

Juice Eggs McKenna
Holy crap, that cast
I need this movie in my life now
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