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Desc:When even he admits it's sexist, you know it's going to be really spooky.
Category:Religious, Horror
Tags:gay, Christian, sexist, Pat Robertson, RWW
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Comment count is 12
Yeah, this is my favorite story from the Bible. It shows up in Genesis, too!
infinite zest
Yeah, but the 32X version was better

Oscar Wildcat
What I learned from this story is that the cornerstone to conflict mediation is killing women.
Corpus Delectable
I find it ironic that Robertson is our nation's leading example of animated flesh without a soul. He's just the most macabre thing.

Militant homosexual men want nothing more than to fuck a woman to death.
Adham Nu'man
It's in the Bible!

Sexy Duck Cop
The moment he mentioned Judges, I thought "Oh Christ, no, not this story." And then he mentioned the Leviite priest, and I thought "Oh Christ, not this story." And then he mentioned the concubine, and I thought "Oh Christ, not this story."

Anyone who tells you we get our morality from the Bible hasn't fucking read the Old Testament.
Of course *we* don't get our morality from the Bible; *we* - that is to say, TV-weened Americans - are godless heathens, led astray by humanism. According to the Bible, the correct response to rape is genocide.

I am, of course, over-simplifying things a bit. It wasn't just that ONE rape which gave the Israelites casus belli to go over there and wipe out the entire Benjamite civilization. Rather, it was a PATTERN of rapes, or more broadly, of sexual sin and generally permissive, ungodly behaviour, that authorized the Israeli invasion.

It's worth pointing out that this really isn't too far from what most Americans believe (or are willing to believe). Simply replace "ungodly behavior" with "unprogressive behavior" - "disrespects God/family/tradition" with "disrespects women/minorities/liberty" - and you'll find an argument for warfare that for many, MANY people, rings just as true today as it did back in the Old Testament.

It's also worth pointing out that later in Judges, the Israelites come to their senses and grieve over what they had done to the Benjamites; they then go all hippie and rebuild what little remained of that tribe. In the end, the story of Judges 19 winds up being less about genocide and sodomy, and more a tragic drama warning people about the dangers of freedom, statelessness, and decentralization - a story which modern Americans are surprisingly receptive to, possibly to a greater degree than even the ancient Israelites were!

In the end, I think everyone, including both Christians and my fellow non-Christians, misses the point of Judges - which, ironically, isn't all that ironic, since most of the content in Judges (and indeed most of the content in the Old Testament) is about people missing the point of whatever it was God was trying to tell them.

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