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Desc:'i love all the pic's and the song made me cry'
Category:Horror, Fashion
Tags:fat, Furries, diapers, ugly, ageplay
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Comment count is 11
Spaceman Africa
She's totally a Tamaki fan.
I didn't see a party hat. Well, party horns. Does that count?
That guy
loading screen

Not much here. Please do not harass her.
The Prime Directive of PoETV:
- Refrain from Interfering

Old People
"Mr. Fox, here are the keys to the chicken coop. I trust you will use them wisely."

infinite zest
Her stuff reminds me of Creased Comics in a way.

infinite zest
Cool! Off-topic but I decided to check DA and sure enough, there's a lot of China IL art with Pony as (wait for it) a Pony.

Ah babyfurs. The horrors you showed me back in the. Poered days.
From the looks of it she might have been abused or something else that caused a lot of psychological damage.
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