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Desc:It's not just Republicans eating each other.
Category:Horror, Crime
Tags:Incest, pedophilia, gross, attention whore, lena dunham
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Life, man.
Comment count is 16
Void 71 - 2014-11-05
This video is offering you 3 pieces of candy and a dollar's worth of quarters for an 'attention whore' tag.
Pillager - 2014-11-05
Will it kiss you on the lips for 5 seconds or just relax on you for a "Sexual Predator" tag?

Spaceman Africa - 2014-11-05
Privileged TRIBECA white girl acts surprised when her incidents of molestation don't fly as "quirky". I got no fucking idea why Lena Dunham is currently considered the "it" feminist woman in TV right now.
misterbuns - 2014-11-05
Hatred. More in common with white people than you think!

spikestoyiu - 2014-11-05
It's because she's dumpy.

exy - 2014-11-05
Interesting: The ending: "This kind of crap should not be out in the public at all." How come, unless he just means, "You are going to embarrass yourself if you put this kind of crap out in the public"?
StanleyPain - 2014-11-05
Wow, nice job is submitting a video by yet another unhinged, shrill, anti-feminist, MRA douchenozzle on YT. Clearly the best person to discuss this issue in some kind of rational way.
bias - 2014-11-05
yeah i don't know man, im not a Dunham fan but i think this is some pretty weak stuff.

If you read the quotes, they look pretty cherry picked and not terribly outside of the weird spectrum of stuff that happens during a normal childhood.

I find the video's explanation of, "it must of been her dads pussy paintings" to be pretty lame. Also the idea that Dunham hasn't experienced criticism in her life to be ridiculous. I've read more thoughtful editorials on why people don't like her then any other celebrity i can think of. Shes kind of a generational lightning rod, which i guess has worked out for her for the most part.
John Holmes Motherfucker - 2014-11-05
I don't expect a seven year old girl to know better. I don't expect Mundane Matt to know better either, but that's because he's a twisted hateful piece of shit.
Spaceman Africa - 2014-11-05
I don't know, as a seven year old I knew a lot better than to touch other people's genitals.

magnesium - 2014-11-05
I am about as meanie mean misandering feminist as they come, and I still don't know or care who Lena Dunham is.
jimmyboblahey - 2014-11-05
So boys are treated as rapists-in-training but girls who actually molest kids are just exploring their sexuality?
MundaneMatt is a total faggot, though.
John Holmes Motherfucker - 2014-11-05
>>So boys are treated as rapists-in-training but girls who actually molest kids are just exploring their sexuality?

Because those are our only choices, right?

What I'm seeing is politicized bullshit like "if she was a man, feminists would want to put her in jail".

I'm not saying that this is all right. I suspect that a child who behaves like this is acting out some fucked up gnarly shit, but I haven't actually read the book, so I'm just talking out oif my ass like everyone else on the Internet. The reason why it would be a crime for me to fuck a seven year old is because a seven old is not capable of giving consent, she can't understand the consequences. She's not responsible.

Anyone who actually cares about children would recognize a chance to have a careful, reasoned, discussion about something that happens. This could be a chance to encourage families who have these issues to confront them, maybe seek help. But because Lena Dunham is associated with feminism, and because she did that horrible campaign ad for Obama, the internet rage machine is turned up to eleven, and families are being made aware of the stigma. Because politics (and click-baiting) is what counts.

Fuck you, Mundane Matt. Calling Lena Dunham a child molester isn't "criticizing her book", any more than calling Anita Sarkeesian a lying con artist is criticizing her videos.

namtar - 2014-11-05
A tweet from Lena several months ago:

"My sister @simongdunham is coming on #NotThatKindOfTour to manage our partnership with @PPact AND constantly remind me that I made her gay
That guy - 2015-07-16
for all the 1-stars this got
Quad9Damage - 2016-06-21
Seven-year-old Lena Dunham touching her infant sister's genitals was weird and inappropriate, but not outside the realm of shit a seven-year-old who hasn't been properly taught might do. However, this bribing for kissing and touching and diddling herself beside her sister continued for ten years, into Dunham's teens. That is where it crosses the line from 'childhood innocence' to flat-out molestation. Josh Duggar doesn't get a pass, and neither should Lena fucking Dunham.

This story had the misfortune of being broken by a right-wing nutjob site. However, they're not wrong when they say Dunham is the one who penned this shit, not them. It's difficult to argue that those passages can be taken out of context, especially when they give off a vibe that there is more to this than Dunham is telling. She also writes these accounts in the tone of a whimsical, quirky adolescent odyssey, like she's skipping through a field of gilliflower tampons rather violating her sister.

Then her molestation account somehow makes it past the laziest editor in the world and lands on store shelves. And Dunham gets angry when people raise an eyebrow over her incest? Look, I don't know who Mundane Matt is supposed to be, but this lady sucks.
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