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Desc:conservatives say regulations are bad and companies will still do the right thing without them
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Business
Tags:Car, india, Crash Test, Nissan, Datsun
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Comment count is 29
Solro realizes Global NCAP is a non-profit funded by industry groups, right?

all I could find is that it's tied to the FIA more than the actual auto industry

Maybe he's applauding "conservatives."

Sudan no1
Good ol' Corky, still trolling POE with his right-wing "libertarian" apologetics after all these years.

infinite zest
Hi Ryo-Cokey! Haven't seen your name for about as long as I haven't seen a Datsun!

Black Napkins
From the video:

"Global NCAP crash tested the Datsun Go, a new, cheap small car aimed at Indian families. The zero-star result highlights the need for India to introduce minimum crash safety regulations."

So it's a floor wax and a dessert topping.

Miss Henson's 6th grade class
Sometimes crash test dummies have a hard day at work.
infinite zest
Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm

It's not just a Nissan thing though, a bunch of large manufacturers Indian model vehicles scored zero on the test as well.

http://www.globalncap.org/crash-tests-show-indias-cars-are-uns afe/
Old People
Jesus Christ, that's horrible. I thought steering column impalements went out with the 70s.
At any rate, with the recent electoral results, we'll see fewer and fewer of the burdensome regulations that strip companies of the freedom to manufacture insanely dangerous shit, and more instances where my FD gets called out to Route 206 at 3 a.m. to help the EMTs sort out which bits of a smoldering scrapheap are people and which are car. Some of the people bits are easier to find cause they smell like whiskey, some like Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo. I wish I were being melodramatic.
Just as I've always believed that the engineers who designed the Bradley Fighting Vehicle troop compartment should take a spin in one as 9-man squads for 36 hours at a time, I think the CEOs of car companies might vouch for the safety of their products by riding each of the newest models to and from work for a few weeks.
The people you really want to get to ride in the BFV are those who gave the engineers their requirements.

Old People
Good point.

Jet Bin Fever
They should fill them up with red dye for times like this.
Like 50 gallons each.

would be nice if test dummies were more dramatic and less durably reusable.

a bump on the head looks exactly like a caved-in skull with them.

Old People
Amen to all of the above. More realistic crash test dummies would be fairly easy to do, given recent advances in training dummies used by first responders. Seeing the simulated carnage, caved-in skulls with ersatz brain matter and all, would give folks a jolt, and hopefully make them think more about safety concerns.

Get the Cold Steel guys on this.

as much as I'd want them, realistic dummies would be abhorrently expensive and hard to make.

making something look like it went through a crash is easy,

making it look normal but react exactly the way a human body does in a crash is daunting to even consider.

Just go back to using dead bodies like they used to.

Old People
Datsun needs to get in good with the folks over at Dapper Cadaver: www.dapper cadaver.com

Just fill them with meat. Ground beef sculpted into a driver, or just stack a bunch of road kill in there.

A great way to do it and actually still have it stay scientific (rather than the movie/graphic industry standard of "eh, looks about right") would be to cover the dummies in QR codes or somesuch and use the actual telemetry to superimpose representative injuries onto the video.

The specific area that looks much less dramatic than the data implies are the indestructible legs in the collapsing footwells with brake pedals ramming your feet. Seeing the snapped ankles and mangled toes would be much more informative than "high chance of footwell intrusion"

"I'd give it zero stars if I could" -- the NTSB

Killer Joe
"From its distictive [sic] front grille to its athletic rear shoulders, the Datsun GO looks modern and robust at the same time. Get ready to stand out, for all the right reasons."
It sure looked robust for a few seconds there.
Killer Joe
Also, it's just for the heathen Indian market, not for us god fearing Americans whose products are are always so good that the extra regulation is just unnecessary.
Robin Kestrel
That'll buff right out.
rub some dirt on it you pansies
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