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Desc:Ordinary high pressure system on satellite image = black hole of doom created by HAARP!
Category:Science & Technology, News & Politics
Tags:Weather, conspiracy theory, HAARP, tinfoil hat, bad meteorology
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I didn't have room to fit this in the description, but, skip ahead to around 10:15, when she starts zooming in to the ocean off Guadalupe Island.

There are rectangles that are obviously just zoomed in JPRG artifacts of the smaller scale map zoomed into much greater detail than it was meant to be viewed at, but, to her, it's some kind of super secret underwater military array that's creating weather, or, in the case of the high pressure system, the lack of "weather".
Sorry, "JPEG artifacts".

Whatever. Those are obviously black monoliths.


Fuck I was wondering where all this fucking winter was coming from!!!!
It DID get really cold, really fast.

You would think if the government was going to build an acoustic vortex sealab megabase they wouldn't go and upload pictures of it.
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